Monday, September 8, 2008

The Simple Woman

For Today... September 8, 2008

Outside my Window... it is dark, but i have a tree blocking the view so it wouldn't matter anyways.

I am thinking... that i am so not going to be good with these posts. I'm not creative enough and definetly not simple. Is that breaking the rules? I want to be simple, does that count? And i'm sure i messed up on the links somehow.

I am thankful for... how God continually provides even when my heart isn't where it needs to be. I had 2 girls ask for my phone number tonight and invite me to hang out anytime i wanted. Making friends, people! Thank you Lord for opening the door for healthy uplifting friendships.

From the kitchen... i'm not sure what's going on. When i headed out the door to meet some folks for dinner at 5:45 the sink was full of dishes.

I am wearing... grey t-shirt with black tank top over it, blue jeans, black n white flowered-y flip flops (from Goodies $7), and hair down.

I am reading... too many things. I've had to rearrange my list now that school has started and put some of my favorites on hold. School books must come first right now. BLAH!

I am hoping... that i will get a good night sleep tonight. Not the case last night. And to finish my paper. I keep procrastinating because i can't gather my thoughts on this particular topic.

I am creating... a new bathroom - which means many other little projects to go IN there for decorating!

I am hearing... the hum of my computer and the crickets outside my window. I love the sound of crickets at night... so peaceful!

Around the house... it's very quiet. Mom and Dad are watching tv. Brandon is at class.

One of my favorite things... seeing an old couple still holding hands (despite their age and the many years they've spent together) while walking through walmart, or any place for that matter. I want a love that last like that!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... school Monday-Friday. babysitting/work. adult choir on Wednesday. Hanging out with a friend on Thursday. MP3 (Children's Choir) on Sunday. Studying, Studying, Studying...

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Last summer we traveled all the way across Texas to a tiny little town, that i can't even remember the name of, for a friends wedding. On our way home we stopped by this place pictured above. I loved how the sun was hidden behind the cross. Perfect Picture Opportunity!

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