Friday, September 12, 2008

Totaly Random pictures, projects, and ideas.

Work has started on my bathroom! YAY! I'm excited! To my surprise, mom came home yesterday with painters tape and together we marked off the bathroom! I decided to post some pictures of my towels, fabric, ribbon, everything that got me started in this whole project... There is the famous ribbon! The waller color is pulled from there actually, the nice stripe down the center! I'm not even sure if i'm going to use it in the bathroom, but it was THAT beautiful striped dealy that gave me the mental picture and color scheme. And now here we are moving in the direction of redoing a bathroom - all because of you marvelous ribbon!Now we get to the fabric. This also may not even actually end up in the bathroom. But once again are the same COLORS that i'm loving at this point in my life. I'm very plain, so these patterns are a big step for me.
I just couldn't help myself. All the same color, yet so crazily different. I wanted to bring them together! haha!!! I think this one right here is my favorite!
Oh, but i love me some gingham too! Maybe i'll find a way to incorporate them into the room!
If you think of any creative ideas... be sure to let me know! I'm super excited about this project!

These are some flowers that are out in the front yard. Mom planted them at some point, but i've only noticed them as of recent. I love them! I'm not a photographer, nor do i have a camera that is worthy of taking pictures of flowers and stuff. I love my camera, don't get me wrong... i'm just warning you so that you aren't expecting something grand!

Remember the mysterious toilet shelf thing-a-ma-jig that i told you about? Well here it is...
GAG! I'm really thinking i need to do something about that. I cannot WAIT for an actual REAL bookshelf. No heart cut outs, no toilet seat slot, no girlyness. Plain and simple dark brown bookshelf. MMM! This has got to go!

I also found this at The Nesting Place blog and totally want to make one. You should click that little link there and see what i'm talking about. Is that not the most creative, adorable, cute thing ever?

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