Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Traditions

When we were growing up we had traditions that we did every Christmas. I never really thought of them as traditions until I came across an article in a decorating magazine one our way home from Mississippi this past weekend. Sure enough we have the same routine to our Christmas every year. I'm interested in how you all do Christmas as well.

Ours is as follows:

On Christmas Eve we each get to pick one gift from underneath the tree and open it.... just to make us even more eager for Christmas morning. You can choose to wait until morning if you wish, but as children we were always curious to see what we may have gotten. I was the child who picked the small gift because I still wanted to be surprised on Christmas day! nerd.

Before we went to bed we would all sit down and read the true story of Christmas; The birth of Jesus Christ! My parents instilled that into us when we were very small... I can't even remember when that started... but I remember it would not be the same without reading that before bed. We made sure that dad read it to us.

We don't travel to see family on Christmas day... we keep it simple and small. As a matter of fact, we have never spent Christmas day any other place than in our home. We enjoy Christmas morning in our PJ's while watching the parade on tv. After we separate everyone's gifts into piles we all begin to open them as the same time.

Did I mention the madre always video-tapes the whole morning?

As nerdy as we may be, the sister and I clean our bedrooms while mom cooks a delicious Christmas lunch for us. We always have dressing... it's a must. Mom pulls out the fancy china for us to eat with and we sit in the formal dining room - it's just about the only time that we sit there throughout the whole year.

That's basically how Christmas goes at our household. Very comfy and relaxing.

How does your family do Christmas?
Do you travel on Christmas day?
Is it small and cozy or do you enjoy a big family get together?

I'd love to hear!

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