Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Put Her In Park

If you are sick of my teacher stories you might as well not even read this post :)

Every now and then I get stuck in teacher gear and can't seem to shut myself down.

There are many times that i've talked to my sister in Kinder terms; ooooo, those are not kind words coming out of your mouth.

The numerous times that my peers have said that I speak too "old". For example, appearently it is uncool to say... that is very kind! A more appropriate response from someone my age would be... aww, that is so sweet!

Well, my bad.

There is also that very distinct time that I spoke to my mother in a very firm tone as if she were one of my students. I very quickly reminded her that it was "Miss Kilgore" and not Megan. Do I have an off button?

Tonight we reached a peek.... I called the sister Baby. Baaaay...Beeeee...

Help. me.

She was asking if I could help her with one of her education assignments for school and I said, "I'm really busy right now... hang on a sec baby."

Do what?

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