Thursday, December 23, 2010

On Giving.... again

I've been thinking about Christmas and the fact that it's Jesus' birthday... all the different views/traditions that people hold on that day. Some people choose not to give into the exchanging of gifts because it takes away from the real reason of the whole day. Some choose to imitate Christ by giving on Christmas. There are many different ways people celebrate this day.

Jesus - the Gift. and the Giver.

I find it slightly humorous that on Jesus' birthday we not only reflect on the best gift of all, but we receive gifts as well. We celebrate the life of Jesus and because of His life we are blessed. So like the Lord.... always giving instead of taking... serving... never wanting the light to be on self, but wanting to shine His light on others.

A few of us girls were going to take a shopping trip to a city nearby and stop to see a light show that a family holds at their house. They deck out the yard/house with over a million Christmas lights and synchronize it to music. I saw it a few years ago and wanted to show my mother and some other girl friends who haven't.

I sat down to look up the address so we would know where we were going and came across their webpage. I was greeted with the news that the light show was very dark this year.

Come to find out their five year old daughter, Laurel, was born with a rare disease and is spending not only Christmas, but the next three months in a hospital in Dallas so that she can go through chemo and get treatment.

Laurel is not allowed to have visitors, balloons, or plants, but she can receive cards... and she loves them. After reading all about their story and viewing their sweet pictures I found an address where you can send cards.

Laurel Good

c/o Children’s Medical Center

1935 Medical District Drive


Dallas, Texas 75235

Do you feel like giving today?

It'll not only be a gift to Laurel, but the Lord as well!
Imitate Christ today!
Shine His light!

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