Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On Giving

The Lord makes us all aware of how blessed we are in different ways. You may have an interesting encounter with a homeless person. You may meet someone at the store that completely changes your view. Or you may work in a public school or some similar setting and your eyes be opened to the diversity in the families now days.

For me, it is clearly the last.

I am in charge of 18 children and on many occasions i'm allowed (or forced) to look into their lives and hear their story. Some days I cry... it's just simply too much. Once again, a good reminder of my purpose.

There are many things about my job that are not so fun, but it's what I do in response to some of those things that can potentially be a blessing.

One of the things we do around Christmas time at our school is buy gifts for families that are less fortunate. When the parents come to the school to pick up their bag full of surprises, completely unaware of why we've called them, it is such a blessing to see the joy in their smiles and the light in their eyes.

Things have drastically changed since I was a child... and can I just say that I was and am so blessed. And I would venture out to say that you are as well.

Is there some way that you could bless a person or family in need this Christmas? Why not involve the whole family and do it together?

It is so cliche, but true - it is better to give than receive.

After all, we are called to imitate Christ... He is not only the gift, but the giver as well. When you take your eyes off of self and give to others, you are doing just that - imitating Christ. What a wonderful way to be Jesus to a family in need.


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