Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Party Ideas

Are you planning on hosting a party for New Years?

Here are some ideas of games that we played last year at our New Years Eve Party! (all games found online)

First off, we have a little basket full of prizes that we give out to winners throughout the night. You may want to do that as well!

Guess Who? - Put the names of people who were "big" in 2010 on an index card. Examples, anyone who made the news and was very memorable, someone who won an amazing award, a famous person passing away, american idol winner, anything about some ONE that was widely known in the past year. When your guests arrive tape one index card on their back (making sure they do NOT see it). Everyone must ask yes or no questions to figure out who they are. First 3 people to guess correctly gets to pick a prize from the basket!

Charades - Cut up little strips up paper with events and movies that happened within the past year. Divide your guests into teams and have each group draw from the pile and act out theirevent/movie while everyone else tries to guess what it is.

These were two that we played last year that were really fun and everyone seemed to enjoy them as well! We are definitely going to try to do those again this year!

Some other ideas we found were having everyone put 2-3 new years resolutions in a basket and then reading them out loud and trying to guess which guest made which resolution. That one sounds fun to me, but I think there would need to be some explaining that these will be read out loud so that no one puts anything that would embarrass them on a strip of paper!

You could even make it more difficult by having each person only putting one resolution in and then selecting one person to be the "leader" of the game. The leader would read through each of the slips two times while everyone tries frantically to remember each one (without cheating by writing them down). With all the players sitting in a circle you would go around trying to guess which resolution is made by which person (goofy or serious). You only get one guess each time around. If someone guesses your resolution then you are out of the game and not allowed to speak. The object is to be the last person in the game... either guessing the most matches or having the most difficult resolution to remember. Near the end of the game you may want to read through the pile one more time just to refresh everyone's memory... unless you have a super good player who remembers everyone!

Laughter is my favorite part of New Years Eve!! These games are sure to create some of those for you! Hope your evening is filled with good times, many laughs, and the realization that His grace is sufficient to cover any regrets you may have about the last year! :)

(And speaking of grace.... this post, Grace is a gift, but you have to receive it, by Christin at incourage is simply wonderful! A must read!)

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