Thursday, December 30, 2010

Praying and Believing, Specifically

Rewind to November and the Women's retreat that I told you I attended.

I'm still camping out on that same session where she talked about abundantly more. You see a big key to living in abundance is believing it.

I can take the same circumstances of the past year... the real hard ones when I wanted to completely freak out and over-analyze and I can go back to old Meg... or I can believe that His hand is in the situation and that no matter what the facts look like He is in control and will work it out for my good, His glory.

The only way to abundance is with Jesus. Intimacy, trust, faith... in Jesus.

Remember how I told you she closed the session by asking us to think about that one person we wanted to marry or the one thing we wanted to do with our lives or the biggest dream we've ever had..... and to believe it.... abundantly more.

In order to believe some of those crazy wild things that you could never imagine, you have to increase your faith in Jesus. You have to believe that He not only cares about what you need, but what you want as well.

I do believe that He is a God of details and a God with a humongous heart to fulfill dreams for His children... for His glory. And if it doesn't pan out exactly the way you think it should, it will be abundantly more.

I came across an entry the other day where a family wrote down prayer requests on a legal pad. The mother challenged her children to not only write what they needed, but to write things they wanted as well. But not only to write what they wanted, but to get specific.

So I challenge you as you begin this New Year to get a piece of paper and write down needs and wants.... and to even get specific. And then let's just watch and see what He does... in His time, for His glory!

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