Thursday, December 30, 2010

Organize - Jewelry

Remember that series I started about organizing? Well, maybe I should start by organizing my thoughts first because helllllllooooo I'm super behind on posting. If you would like to read my first entry on how to organize your purse - click here. I didn't intend on doing this project in part of the organization series, but it fits right in. So here we go!

Start by gathering all your jewelry. I went through and took out every piece that I have not worn and will not wear. It's wise to sort all your pieces so that you can see how many frames you will need before you buy them. Or you can totally chance it (like me. guilty.) by buying frames on sale without a clue how many you need and just make it work! You need to think about the length of your necklaces and such to help determine the lay out of your frames for the wall.

There has to be an easier way for this next step, but this was all I could come up with. Don't judge me. It's the holidays and i'm soo not a crafty person.

Trace and cut the exact size of your frames onto paper. Like so.

And then tape them onto your wall in the exact layout that you had already determined.

Admire it from all angles. Okay, really, I just wanted you to see my new chair!!! Love her!

I'm horrible and forgot to get the next few steps in pictures, but I think you'll gather the ideas. I bought cork board (about 1/4 inch thick), fabric, and used my mothers Scentsy cardboard boxes (another lady used some foam stuff) to put into the frame to hold the jewelry. Measure each and cut. Make sure that you have extra hang over on your fabric just to be safe!

You'll hammer your nail directly into the paper on the wall to be sure that it's in the exact spot that you want it. You can rip the paper off after you get your nail in the wall. (learned that from another blog as well - can't take credit for that smart move)

Once you get your frames up - start adding jewelry!! If you left your lay-out of jewelry on the floor then you should have it up in no time. I used straight pins with the pearl tip!

I'm not sure that i'm crazy about that small picture on the wall. It distracts me. Mom says it looks like a big hole without it though.... It's currently on my floor :)

Does it look like a big hole of nothing? I'm actually okay with it gone. And now is when I tell you that I reeeeeeaally want to paint my walls a darker shade of creme (cream?) but I keep thinking it's a waste of time cause i'll move out eventually.

So there you have it! I think it turned out pretty darn cute!!!
No more wasting counter space. No more tangled jewelry in a tray. No more jewelry trees. And one more plus, it can be part of your decor!

And since we are onto new things.... I made my bed this morning! :)
Please applaud.

And ignore the burgundy pillows... my others are in the wash?

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The Roberts Family said...

super cute idea! crock pot candy was DELICIOUS!! THANKS SO MUCH.