Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Traditions

Every year we spend the weekend before Christmas at my dad's parents house in Mississippi. His three siblings (whom, ironically, are all girls - preparation for his current living arrangements?) also live there. It's easier for us to make the long trek eastward than for all of them to pack up and come to Texas for the Kilgore Family Christmas.

Did you notice the blonde hair coming out of Papa Bill's hat? He is a 17 year old prankster at heart.

Three years ago the new growing families were pretty tight on money so we started playing "dirty santa".... only no gag gifts. If you brought a gift you could join in on the game, if not then there was no pressure. No one knows who brought what so there is no shame on how much you spend! :)

It's truly been a blessing because instead of everyone opening their gift at the same time, we sit down for at least 45 minutes altogether to play dirty Santa. There is more interaction among the family simply because of a little Christmas game. Part of the game is stealing previously opened gifts from those who went before you - once again, interaction!

We also take pictures of each of the families while we are altogether for Christmas.

The Pace Family - dad's oldest sister

The Cameron Family - the middle sister

The Cook/Kilgore Family - the youngest older sister
(with a sleeping baby)

The Kilgore Family - the youngest sibling of all :)
(this was Stacy's first Christmas in Mississippi... the newest member to the Kilgore Family)

And Papa Bill's brother, Uncle Alford, and his family

I love spending time with Samuel... my little cousin with the gift of spinal bifida. That boy is always on the move and nothing gets in his way. His smile and laughter reminds me that life is what you make of it!

What will you make of this holiday season?
Will you see your current circumstance as a weakness and handicap, or an opportunity to let His light shine through?
Will you accept His gift of fullness, abundance, and joy this Christmas?


The Roberts Family said...

i loved your post! that first pictures is hilarious with the blonde hair!
i also loved your thoughts at the bottom! so good.

Anonymous said...

Precious Memeories! I already miss them and we won't see most of them for 6 months!