Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Resolving Resolutions

Are you one of those people who makes resolutions?

I'm going to be flat out honest here and tell you that I dont. I dislike them. I guess my issue is that no one ever really keeps their new years resolution for the entire year, and hardly anyone is successful.

Just for a second, think about it.

Is your resolution this year the same as the one you made last year?

I would almost bet that it is. Because even though I don't make them the new year does give me a little push to start fresh and make some changes. The past year I was a runner... for half the year. Once summer rolled around and then I started my teaching job that was the one thing to get knocked off my schedule. I would love to pick that back up.

New year, same story.

Here is my beef.... I don't believe in diets or resolutions (or anything similar) because nothing lasts unless it's a lifestyle change.

I'm not saying that it's bad to desire something for yourself... change is good... especially a healthy change, but for me I can't stand momentary satisfaction and success.

Here is a little personal example! The amount of time I spend online disgusts me. Ever since I started teaching, that time has increased. I blame it on the fact that i'm completely worn out by the time that I get home from work and I just crash in front of my computer screen, but really there is no excuse. It's like it has over-time slowly evolved to take up more of my time. I feel like Paul when he said (paraphrase) - "I do what I do not want to do." It bothers me. I've felt convicted about it for a while because even though the Lord may be first on my to do list... my actions show that He is not in my heart. I know Him, and He cares about the heart, not routines. I want to fix this, but grounding myself from the internet for a month will not fix my problem. I know that what I need is a heart-change and a lifestyle change. Only He can provide that.... and my soul longs for that!

So as I approach the new year I'm taking all of those things about self that I want to change and i'm digging deeper. What is really my issue? Could there possibly be a connection to my relationship with the Lord? And do I trust the Lord to fill even that place in my life and bring a change that I never expected?

Lysa Terkeurst speaks on this same topic here. And she says it soooo much more eloquently than I do.

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The Roberts Family said...

i liked your post...very true for many of us. I'm not a big resolution maker, but i do agree it's a great time for a fresh start with movtivation.