Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dorm Shopping...

The day is getting closer... My sister is really leaving for college! Next Saturday we move her into her dorm, and I don't think it's hit any one of us yet.

She finally got her room mate and dorm assignments in the mail this past week. There were many efforts on her end to get in contact with her room mate, but never got a response. No face, No Voice, No anything except the name of a person to meet when she gets there. I've said many prayers over this girl, and all the other friends she will make while at school... it should be interesting to meet her and find out what she's like! (Hopefully she'll have better luck than i did!)

We ran over to Longview today (mom, casie, and i) to find bedding and decorations for her room.
I had to pray last night and this morning to prepare myself for this adventure... it was going to be hard for me!

When i was going to college my freshman year i had the exact colors i wanted for my room already planned before we even started looking at bedding. Not the case for my sister. Aahh - anxiety already stirring up in me. The plan for today was to go straight to Target and roam up and down the bedding aisles until we found something pleasing to 'her' eye.

I must mention that anytime we shop together (we being, casie mom and i) i'm always the odd ball out. Casie not only got our mothers looks and parts of her personality, she also got her taste. I don't even know why i give my opinion because it just gets shot down... no not really. But most of the time i prepare myself for the weird disgusted 'you actually like that' look.

Casie is the type of person that doesn't like to shop very much. She never wanted to go with mom and i when we were growing up. I usually buy everything and then casie loves it and wears it. I've learned to go along with her, point things out to her, and try to give her a mental picture (or encouragement) of everything. I've won her over many times! But still our tastes are different in many areas.

I knew going into the day that this was NOT FOR ME! This isn't my room. The color choice is NOT up to me to decide. The decorations are not for me. Just sit back, megan, bite your tongue, nod your head, you know the deal.... keep it cool!

The first bed in a bag she picked out was black white and pink (the exact colors i had for my dorm room)... let's just say i was super surprised. Majority of the comforter was white and there were black and white stripes and random things spread across it. Probably 50-75 percent of the actual bed spread was white. If you've lived in a dorm room you know that white is a color to AVOID when picking out bedding. When you walk into your room you can expect to see WHITE, and only white as far as you eye can span! I reminded her that everything in her room was already white and she needed to be careful not to add too much more to it... she changed her mind!

Moving on to the next aisle! (thank you Megan)

We came upon this beautiful green, pink, and yellow bedding set that each of us adored! (catch the ceiling) Of course, they didn't have it in a twin size. Moving on once again.

Mom encouraged Casie to go look at the mall and other places before she definetly made up her mind. We finally found something at Sears! I'm not loving it, but Casie is and that's all that matters! It's going to be cute!

I really need everything to match! I mean if you are buying ALL new things in the first place, why not get everything to coordinate. My mother and casie, not so much worried about this issue. Again just a difference in taste i guess... for example - we have some really cute white wooden bookshelfs and things that will go great with the bedding we got her... and we found some buckets that are different colors pulled from her bedspread that will fit into each of the slots to add some color... we move on to pick out a full length mirror and mom says you want the black one.... (i'm thinking o please no no, please get the white one, please let it match every other piece of furniture in your room) she got the white one - YAY! I guess i'm weird and this is retarted, but it was funny to me to watch each of picking out what we wanted - to see how each of us would act differently when decorating a room.

We got home from shopping and were getting ready for some friends to come over and have dinner. Mom bought some new drapes or curtain dilly's for the living room. (i'm sure cari will get a kick out of this) Those curtains have not been changed for YEARS, i'm talking YEEEAAAARS! Not only have they not been changed, they have not been dusted either. I know you're thinking DISGUSTING, but that's just my mom. Some things are essential, others simply are not!

I helped her take down the old ones and put up the new ones knowing what i was about to be faced with. My eyes started itching, pieces of dust were flying all in them, and sneezing was definetly coming. We layed the old dusty curtains on the floor in the living room... people, you would have thought they were supposed to look that way. It had been SO long since it had been dusted that it looked like it had a natural faded look in the pleats and creases (i'm not sure if that's how you spell that)... don't be fooled - that would be layers and layers and layers of THICK DUST!

Poor China was hiding behind the couch sneezing her head off... i laughed and said, "i know, china.. i know..."

Maybe our allergies will back down a little now that we reduced the amount of dust in the main room.

O and the curtains she picked out were the reason i decided to post this entry. Our taste is definetly different. I love my mom (i love you)! But i aint loving them curtains!

I am really looking forward to having my own place and getting to decorate! Although, i've never really decorate a room fully on my own. I have some amazing pictures in my mind, but not sure if i can pull them out in real life. I plan on taking on my bathroom and decorating it after we move my sister out.... We'll see how it turns out... i'll probably hate it and get really down on myself... that's what i tend to do! But i'm determined to do it ALL by myself... i don't want your help mom!!! I want to learn on my own!!!! I need too....

Was that harsh? I didn't mean for it to sound that way... i'm just really struggling with some issues about myself. I need to know that i can do this on my own! I'll take pictures and let you know how it goes... if it's really bad, you may never see them! (ha)

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