Saturday, August 23, 2008

emotionally drained

I miss my sister...

It's only been 2 hours since i said goodbye, but i can't stop crying.

It's so different being on this end.

As i was driving away i kept the dorm in my view. I kept thinking about how she was all alone in there... no one there except her. I couldn't handle it. I didn't want to leave her.

I prayed the whole way home, while crying and trying to focus on the road. I don't know if i'll make it whenever i'm a mom. It's hard enough to let my sister go.

We have pictures of the room. I plan on posting them tomorrow. Casie has to send them to me, so once that happens we'll be good to go.

I pulled up into the driveway, hit the garage door opener, the door slowly started going up, i saw the empty space where her car was supposed to be, and the tears came flowing even more.

I mean i knew it wasn't going to be there, but i guess i forgot.

It's all starting to hit me.

She's really gone. She's in college now. No more sharing a bathroom. No more rocking together and reading. No more seeing her car in the garage. No more seeing her on Sundays. No more coming home from work and walking in the door to see her sitting there. So many things are about to change, and i never imagined i'd be this emotional. o my goodness...

This is my little sister - MY LITTLE SISTER. Do you realize that? I want her back.

I'm such a nerd... (she's only 30 miles away)

the emails have already started.

thanks for the blog posting (sisters) it made me smile/laugh/cry all of the above!! =] and thanks for helping me move in today and staying later with me and showing me my classes.....thanks for decorating the room - i love it!! =]i will miss you bunches and i know you said that you're always there for me but don't forget the same goes for you too!! good luck with school on Monday and ill c you on Friday, i love you!! casie

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Christina said...

I'm gonna miss her too...