Tuesday, August 26, 2008

he keeps me laughin'

I was making a sign for Levi's bedroom door. His name was centered on the page and i was going to fill the rest of the free area with things he enjoyed to do. Riding dirtbikes is one of his favorite things to do. I found one of his tiny dirtbike toys and traced it on the page.

Megan: "what else do you want on here, Levi?"
Levi: "I want Motor on there." This would be his pet dog who passed away a few weeks ago.
Megan: "oh, well i'm not really good at drawing animals. I just traced this dirt bike. What if i just write his name on here?"
Levi: "okay. That's fine."
Megan: "okay! How do you spell it? With an o-r or e-r?"
Zoey: "o-r. It's out there on his sign if you want to go look at it."
Levi: "no it's not. It's d-o-g."
Zoey and I look at each other and try to hold in our laughs.
Levi: "What? It is. My teacher told me."
Megan: "Yes! You are correct, Levi. That is very good!"

I thought i'd share that story with you... i told a friend and she suggested i put it on here because it was so funny and too cute!

I also added some new bloggers to my list. As well as showing the title of the latest entry they posted. Hopefully this will help you to see if you are interested before you click away and wait for the page to load. (for those of you who have dial-up or time is an issue.)

Hope your week is going well! Love you all!

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