Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Swimmer

My mom is laying here on the couch rolled up in a ball underneath her blanket. I wish i could take a picture and post it for you... she looks pitiful.

She cracks me up!

She gets in these moods where she's really excited about something and decides that she's going to take it up. Usually she'll see it on TV, at a store, restaurant, or someone will mention it and then she's ALL OVER IT!

Thing is... it lasts for about 2 weeks.

That's why i call it a 'mood'.

She's a HUGE fan of the olympics. Don't talk, don't sing, don't play the piano, don't do anything that will distract her while it's on...

I invited her to swim some laps and work out with me in the pool about 2 weeks ago, she did it one night! But hey, she was so fired up and all the way there the ONE night that she participated.

Back to the olympics - she loves her some swimming. I'm talking loves it so much that she was up on her feet, jumping, and screaming at the top of her lungs the other night. Me- not so much. I'll sit here in my chair, tensing up, freaking out on the inside, slowly making it into a ball, until the race is over.

She decided tonight that she wanted to go up to the Lifecenter to swim some laps in their Lap Pool. I'm thinking the olympics has gotten her into one of those 'moods'. I just smiled and went along with it!

Dad claims the pool is 25 meters long... so if you consider down and back one lap, you've done 50 meters.

O, wait, back up!

The pool was a little chilly for our liking! It probably took us 5 minutes to get down the steps actually into the pool. I'm sure all the other swimmers thought we were nerds and were wanting to break out in laughter. We didn't care! We were enjoying mother/daughter bonding time! I decided to just go for it... i jumped off the last step and started paddling frantically like a dog while my mother laughed her head off from the steps. "are you warm yet?" I guess she was waiting to see if my plan worked before she went for it!

Now, back to the length of the pool.

We swam all the way down, stopped, looked at each other, and laughed. If you want to find out how out of shape you are - get in a pool. We never did a full lap (down and back) without breaking in between. As i was nearing the wall, I pictured myself diving under water and doing that cool fast flip turn around thingy they do and then pushing off... did NOT happen! I decided to abort that about a foot from the wall, haha! They look so smooth and graceful, and i wanted to be apart of it. Wishing is about all i can do though!

After about 30 minutes i had done 4 full laps, and mom had done 3. We decided that was enough for one night. We rested in the heated therapy pool for a few minutes before we headed home. As we were getting out mom said, "i feel sick. I think i worked too hard." I would have laughed, but i was feeling her on that comment. I felt a little nauseated myself. I wasn't sure if it was the work out or the quick change from cold to heated water. My sick feeling passed very quickly. Mothers, on the other hand, did not. She handed me the keys and gave me instructions to be ready to pool over if she yells stop.

By this time i'm ready to laugh!

so here she sits... 3 laps later.... bundled up like a sick little child on the couch... once again watching swimming on the olympics.... she hasn't done any cheering tonight, she must really feel sick.

hahahaha! O man!

I'll let you know how long this swimming thing lasts...

Thank you Lord for my mother! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love her and spend time with her. Be with her this week and as she starts her new job! We love You!

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