Thursday, August 21, 2008

Packing, Preparing, Planning, Productivity

Today has been a very productive day....

Casie and I went through her closet and dresser to pick out which clothes she wanted to take to school.

First, we started with the closet. We made a huge pile on the floor and i held up each piece of clothing and waited for the nod.


'ummm definetly no'

After she decided what was going we put the clothes that didn't make the cut back into the closet. I need organization, atleast for a little while, to make sure that you have everything you need. I went through the yes pile and made even more piles - pants, skirts, dress shirts, t-shirts, shorts, undies, etc.

We laughed at all the outfits we came across. I'm telling you, our family is so bad about cleaning things out. I'm thinking every 6 months or atleast once a year you should go through your closet and dresser and throw out things that either don't fit or you know you are not going to wear ever again. I say this because we found Sunday clothes from like 2nd grade in there. Sad thing is, we tried them on and they still fit. We should have taken pictures for you... you would have laughed!

All the clothes are hanging on the rod in Casie's car waiting for the move on Saturday morning.

There are so many things that still need to be packed - tomorrow, fun fun!

For some reason, the dorm she is staying in decided to paint the main wall in each room. Why they gonna do that? It's not like they painted in cream, brown, grey, beige, or whatever. There's coral, hunter green, maroon, yellow.... things like that. You have no idea which one you are going to get until you get your key and unlock your room on move-in day.

There is no way to plan for this type of thing... so we had to try and be creative.

Mom and I found some scrapbooking paper that matches her bedding perfectly! We plan on applying it to the wall (by the head of her bed) to cover up whatever color we get! I'm excited yet nervous at the same time. This could turn out incredibly cute or it could look really really ridiculous... but what else can you do?

I've been sitting on the floor doing some crafty creative things for her dorm room and trying to put together this pattern for her wall all night. I love it.... the whole crafty creative artsy thing. I'm thinking maybe i should do stuff like this more often. I really get interested, excited, focused...

O yeah, i forget to tell you. Casie finally talked to her room mate... well her x room mate. Lindsay was her name. She called 2 days ago and said there was a mistake because she already had a room mate. weird? Casie called the school and they found her a new room mate. But just wait, it's get so much better!

Casie called this new room mate - Erica - to talk, introduce herself, find out details, etc. She was never able to get her on the phone because the father couldn't understand english to figure out who Casie was asking for.


Once again we will have to wait until Saturday when we get there, to meet and find out who this mysterious person is that she will be living with.

While we were packing today both of us were kind of wondering what she was going to be like. There were many thoughts, 'you think she's a good girl? christian?' You know.

I remember finding out who my room mate was through email. We both had the same major and she looked like someone i would get along with. I figured since we had the same major, we would be spending lots of time together... we could help each other study... and i think i was really hoping to become best friends. I'd never really had one.

The first night we both sat on our beds talking to our boyfriends. We were so excited that we were kind of on the same boat. There was no need to go hang out with boys or do this or that.... we'd be there for each other.

Yeah, that didn't last. She didn't turn out to be the person i thought she'd be. I won't go into any details.

I remember being sad.

How come everyone got awesome room mates. Room mates that became best friends... room mates that hung out... things like that. How come i was the unlucky one?

I told Casie to remember why she was here and who she was living for.

You are a Christian. A follower of Christ. You are here to share the Gospel. You should imitate Christ in how you live... and that might be literal for you - with your room mate. God doesn't promise us perfect things (such as the room mate that we were hoping for). The world is still going to spin the way it always does, with all the sin in it... But He wants you to glorify Him in everything you do and everything that comes across your path. So let's just wait and see how this turns out!

I'll post pictures of how the room turns out!

Hope you've had a good day! Love you!

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