Friday, August 1, 2008

Moments with the Levi.

Levi: "Will somebody bite me?"
Me: "bite you? Why do you want someone to bite you?"
Levi: " i don't know, just cause"
10 year old friend: "i know a guy at Trinity named Jaden who would bite you... he bit me one time and took the skin off my back. He is in Pre-school."
Me: "Levi wasn't one of your friends in your class last year named Jaden?"
Levi: "Yep."
10 yr old friend: (announces his last name - of course Levi has no idea.) "What does your friend look like?"
Levi dead serious - concentrating hard on describing this kid: "well, he has brown hair ...and he has a face... he's a little browner dan me dough.... and he wears a green shirt with black shorts everyday... he looked the same all the days at school."
the rest of us are rolling in laughter as he continues to describe this little boy...
Me: "Well i am totally loving that he has a face!"
Levi is continuing to blab on and on about what his friend looks like, and we are still laughing!

Kid's, man, they crack me up! To watch them grow from stage to stage, to see them talk and describe things, to remember things from days before, to try to think things through in their tiny brains that can't quite understand everything... Levi has been keeping the laughs coming this week.

We had a play day with some friends on Wednesday. On the way over we pulled up to a red light, so i turned down the music and we prayed for our day - thanking God for friends! The next day we pulled up to the same red light and from the back seat Levi says,
"Remember yesterday when we stopped at this red light and you prayed for us."
at this point i'm totally smiling on the inside and out...
"Yes, Levi, i remember. Did you like it?"
"yeah it was fun, but i don't like it... it's too hard."
"it's just like talking to your mom, dad, and zoey. He just wants to be your friend!"
"Well there's too many questions and i'm just not interested."
"Well He's interested in you and when you are ready to talk to Him He will listen."
"What if everyone else decides to pray at the same time i do?"
:) haha! "He's a real BIG God and He can hear everyone at the same time!"
"so he has like 20 ears?"

He was walking around earlier tooting up a storm - i very gently told him that he better get all those out at home because we will not be having that at Cici's Pizza. He laughed and took me a little too seriously.... he has been tooting nonstop for a while.

I must admit i've been pretty sweet to him these past 3 days.

Look what happened as we were playing Wii before we left to go to the Johnson's to have a play day.

Levi's player comes up to bat (i had the controller)...
Me: "look Levi here you are!"
Levi: "O yeah yeah, hit it good... get me a good one."
Getting my stance ready, here's the pitch, swing, and HOMERUN!
Me: "yay, Levi we got a home run!" High fives back and forth about 5 times!
Levi: "YEAH YEAH YEAH! You know what? One day Zoey is going to leave... it's going to be me and Megan day.... and we are going to do our own thing."

So sweet that that dude wants to hang out with me - wooo i gotta go pray about that day! :)

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