Monday, August 25, 2008


Here is the post from saturday while moving casie into her dorm. Some of the pictures were deleted in the process on accident. I got tired of calling casie and telling her to upload one more, so i settled with these. This is where she's living now!

Here was the process through out the day...

This was actually taken Friday night - our last night to go out to eat as a family!
And here is our first about blah! mysterious wall color? - she got green!

The joy of unloading the car.

Pretty pretty paper.

wonder if it will look okay?still hard at work...

You feelin it or hatin it? I'm not totally lovin' it, but it's cute! Casie loves it - she says it feels more homey! That's what we want folks!

of course. shoulda known. already on the internet.

This is my favorite thing in the room. I love it! A box photo frame, scrapbooking paper, and a wooden letter. Ta Da!!!

K for Kilgore!

Mom did the lamp. She wasn't too pleased with herself, but it looks fine!

One painted C - on top of scrapbooking squares taped and lamenated together

Mom saying good bye.

excuse the no make up, and the weird angle... my legs look weird and my shorts look short. promise they're not! Lovin' on my sis - i think she was annoyed at this point - i made her take this pic with me!

her closet, organized junk...

And now it's hidden - so so neat!

Beautiful desk area. lots of studying 'should' be happening here.

And now the final product! We didn't have enough paper to cover all the way to the window... sad day. But she loves it! Turned out pretty cute!

And you guessed it... this is her roommates side of the dorm room. Pretty drastic change to casie's bright colors don'tcha think? haha!

Mom and dad had something they had to be at this evening so they left around 5:30. We brought an extra car so i could stay later if it was needed... and it was. I took my beautiful little sister all over her campus looking for her classrooms. We walked off her schedule twice, to make sure she knew where she was headed. We found the chapel for the Sunday Morning college worship service. Casie and i made a grocery run, and got a few items that we had forgotten. I learned how to set up a printer, register it, and all that jazz by myself (yay me). I felt like a mother today. Especially when it was time to leave. I wasn't ready. Never did i think this day would be this hard. I balled my eyes out - all the way home. I even came into the garage too fast, the door wasn't done going up. Don't worry the antenna was the only thing that hit it. Mom was standing in the kitchen when i came in the door. With tears in my eyes i said, "she's there all by herself mom... i didn't want to leave her." I just sat there starring at her dorm, thinking about her being there all alone. I said a prayer and then made myself leave.

Watch over my sister, Father. Wrap your arms around her and protect her. Help her as she makes friends and learns to be on her own. Pour your wisdom and truth into her. Keep her aware of Your direction as she makes her decisions. Be her strength, confidence, peace, comfort, everything... we need you. Thank you for this day. Thank you for all that you are going to do in and through Casie's life. We love you.

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Mandy said...

I Love that you covered the wall with paper! That is such a cool idea. I would never have thought to have a plan before I got to the room. Great job! It looks so homey.