Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Mom and Dad are home. They got in after midnight last night. No, i didn't stay up to greet them. I would have if i knew it would have meant something to them, but i know my parents. They'd walk through that door headed straight for their beds... drained from the 3 hour plane ride and 3 hour drive back home. Conversation would be better spent if we waited til' the morning.

Mom decided to go ahead and open atleast ONE of her presents this morning. It was a green throw to match the furniture in the living room. That makes my heart happy! :)

She loved it! She'll open the rest later when the whole family is here to watch.

After opening her gift she got this big excited face and asked, "You want to see what i got you?"

To which i replied, "You got me something? I totally forgot about souveniers and gifts. I never even thought about it... how exciting!"

I got a pink hat that says Walt Disney World in navy blue with a white mickey behind it, and a brown purse/bag with pink polka dots and mickey heads all over it... and it has 2 big brown buttons. I like buttons!

By this time it was about 10:20-ish. I had already skipped tennis this morning because... well i'm just not good at it, so i have zero desire to go.... plus it rained last night and the idea of playing on a wet court isn't appealing to me....

My next class started at 11 and i had zero percent of myself prepared for this class. No clothes picked out. No hair done. No make up. Nothing.

But mom was too excited, and i didn't want to burst her bubble. (and really any excuse i get to miss class i will take) She had the camera out showing me all these pictures. Describing each one....

So i missed class. But hey, i took a shower and had extra time to get myself ready, extra ready. It's been a fun morning being with my mom!

Remember how i missed bible study last week?

Well, Casie has a choir concert tonight. Her first college choir concert - on the same night as bible study. Once again i will be absent.... which means i will get 50 phone calls checking to see if i'm okay.... 10 cards saying, We Missed You... and etc! I know it's out of love and concern and what not, but it always makes me feel like a bad person or something. (I'm sure this has nothing to do with who i am and how i react to people missing bible study.)

I want to go support my sister! It always made me feel special when my parents traveled 2 hours to OBU just to hear me sing for an hour and then travel 2 hours back home. I want her to feel special! I want to go see her.

Is that bad?

I was sitting there last night thinking - Gosh, i'm going to miss again this week. This study has just started and i've already missed the first 2 weeks. Maybe it's not the right time for me. Maybe it's not meant to happen. Maybe....

I don't know what to do. To keep going even though i've missed the first 2 weeks, or to not go at all.

We'll see...

I'm off to get ready for class - i can't miss all of them today! I hope you have a fantastic day!

Lord, i pray for everyone who reads this blog... i pray over their day and all the activites they will be doing whether it be at home or in public. Lord, open our eyes and hearts to see you. Let us be willing to accept all that you say to us and be obedient. I love You and i thank you for your peace and freedom. You are Good!

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