Monday, October 6, 2008

Simple Woman

For Today... October 6, 2008

Outside my Window... the neighbor is mowing and the sun is shining through the trees.

I am thinking... that i think entirely too much. I am currently working on conquering this issue and it's so much harder than i ever imagined.

I am thankful for... Philip saving the day. Keep reading and you'll find out what i mean.

From the kitchen... we have a fairly empty sink.

I am wearing... brown t-shirt, khaki capris, brown flip flops, hair down AND straightened. I actually made myself get ready for school today!

I am reading... my bible.

I am hoping... that I will get over my issues and come to know my Savior more.

I am creating... my bathroom still. Also a few projects here and there because i'm in the crafty mood.
I am hearing... Kids playing (very very loud), laughter, music, gum being popped, and my keys as i type.

Around the house... every other room is empty and quiet. Everyone is crammed into this one room doing many different activities, as loud as possible i believe. This is the least of my worries right now - everyone is happy and that makes me happy!

One of my favorite things... being accepted and feeling loved.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Sunday School meeting tonight, homework, quizzes, Choir Practice Wednesday, Research due and Paper due and Bible Study Thursday, 2 papers due on Friday, hopefully finishing up my bathroom, MP3 Sunday... i'll stop there. I'm learning to balance and handle many more things that i thought i was capable of.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... (*picture approved by mother of child) This is KJ having a GREAT (yes, it deserves caps) attitude and eating a snack as her horrible, retarted, and obviously inadequate babysitter tries for 30 minutes to get her out of her car seat. I tried to muster up all my strength and could NOT get the button to budge at ALL. I felt like a complete idiot, but amazingly calmed down enough to think to move her and the car seat into the air conditioned house. I called Cari who was polite enough to not laugh and make me feel stupid. She in turn called her wonderful husband who stopped by after work and saved the day. One little click with his finger and it came undone. SERIOUSLY? I was really hoping it would not budge for you also.... so you could see that i wasn't lying. I mean you could have at least acted like it was hard or something - a little squinted face, a grunt or something? Nope! Appearently i have no muscles.
Who knew?

I think this proves that i am not simple - instead i can find a way to make EVERYTHING difficult.

*** LH came home from work and i explained the story to her.
Me: "I totally understand if you never want me to watch your kids again."
LH: "O no, i should have told you. That seat gets stuck all the time. I'm sorry."

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Mandy said...

OH, you poor thing! I would have cried! BTW, all car seats can manage to boggle me at some time or another. SO FRUSTRATING! And I've done pretty much the same thing to April before! She was going "How the heck do you...." and I THEN remembered to tell her it was difficult. It happens to the best of us! :)