Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I don't usually receive comments on my blog (which might i add is completely okay). But i did go in when i first set this profile up and clicked the little box on my settings that would send me an email anytime i did indeed get a comment. That way i'm aware and see if i need to reply to someone.

I got bored the other day so i was scanning back over some of my old posts. I saw comments on random entries that i'd never read before. It wasn't just a one time occurance - i have now found 4 comments and zero emails notifying me that they exist.

I went in and checked my settings. They are still the way i left them.

Are you having the same problem? Is this a blogger issue?

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Brandon said...

No, I had that same problem until i added the mail address to my anti spam folder list. It is probably going to your junk or spam folder. The e-mails always come from: Hope college is great.