Sunday, October 5, 2008


For those of you who might be wondering about my fire hazard i created....

I've checked the wallflower covered in fabric each time i walk through the bathroom to see if she's too hot. She's FINE! You can't feel any warmth coming through the fabric, so we're good to go!

No more worries!


I did go to Hobby Lobby last night and bought some sticks, flowers, feathers and such to put in my vase for my counter. 50% off on just what I needed!!! I could spend hours in that store! We got there 20 minutes before closing last night and had to rush through the aisles! Sad day...

Mom helped me place them in the vase JUST right! I love it! Can't wait to show pictures!

I'm so ready for this bathroom to be done. Not because it's a pain, i'm just ready to see the end product! I'm having so much fun decorating it - it makes me even more excited to have my own home one day! O and to do my children's rooms.... :) excitement!!!

K. I'm going down for a nap until MP3 (Children's Choir).

Thank you for worship this morning Lord. You were there and i felt it! I love You! Guide choir tonight as we teach the children more about You. May they see you in us!

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