Thursday, October 9, 2008

i might have an anxiety attack.

I had to put this picture here so you could see the transformation..... GAG ME! O my goodness... never again.

I am super super super nervous about showing you these pictures.

After surviving the night with no loud booms or crashes from things falling off the wall, i positioned everything on the counter to hopefully stay.

I tried many different lay outs. I think i prefer the first with the flowers centered.

I really wish i could paint that ugly brown cabinet that i'm leaning against a pretty dark dark brown as in almost black (along with the cabinets/drawers underneath the sink). But that's just not going to happen. I haven't mentioned it to my mom, and i don't think i will. I have payed for all the decorations, towels, etc because i'll be taking it with me whenever i move out. One less room to worry about paying for and decorating when i find an apartment. Everything is ready to go with me and has my name written ALL over it.

This room is now complete.

Unless i find something amazing that i need to go in here :)

What do you think?

You are entitled to your own opinion. If that is hate.... keep it to yourself! No i'm kidding.

Majority of these items came from Walmart.

Candles. Rocks. Clear vase thing. All from Walmart.

Towels. Walmart.

Fabric. Walmart. Frame - a christmas gift from a friend.

Beautiful vase and flowers.... Oh, how i love thee. KIDDING!

This is my favorite part i believe. My first fake flower arrangement, and it matches sooo good!

The vase (which James would like credit for - he picked it out.) is from Walmart. And the flowers are from Hobby Lobby 50 % off.

Rug - on sale at JCPenneys.

Now i have to find something to complete the toilet/tub area. sigh.

This is currently sitting on the back of the toilet... tons of left over rocks, a random flower found in the drawer, a tiny white sea shelf that i got at the lake yesterday, and letters with an ugly bow (because i am SO not gifted with bow tie-ing).

Sorry that my camera isn't the greatest. Lighting and focus is always an issue.

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mary carol said...

It's so cute!!! You did a great job :)