Thursday, October 9, 2008


Your opinion is wanted. I have gotten all the decorations for my countertops in my bathroom, but now i'm trying to figure out something for the wall. Some kind of picture/art work/etc. Maybe with some shelves? I just have this huge empty wall and i feel like it needs something.

My question is (if i do shelves and frames)- Do i get white? Or Dark brown?

Originally, I had in mind brown. But then i got to thinking about how my door frames and crown molding(sp) were white and it made me think twice about the brown. I don't want there to be TOO much brown you know? We already have the towel on the towel rack, the shower curtain and the step out rug that are brown... plus i plan on getting a wicker laundry basket that is dark brown.... would brown shelves and frames be an overload? Should i go white?

And also you have to think about the objects that will be on, in, or around all of this. If you get brown that kind of limits your options for decorating (down to the yummy bluey color, and white). If you get white then you have all kinds of choices.

What do you think?

I'm totally into the deal where people get different frames that are completely different sizes and shapes and do a neat arrangement of it on the wall.... yet not with pictures in them. Just empty. No glass. Is that weird to you or can you picture that?

I also thought of doing a picture frame with an object in it. Like a big frame without the glass with like a cross hug in the center of it. Does that sound neat or not bathroomy?

I could also frame that beautiful fabric that i have.... i do love it. And it was a big inspiration for the room makeover itself.

Or i could cut up that horrible towel that i started making many months ago which has my last name on it (in the beautiful fabric) and put it in a white frame and stick that dude up on the wall.

I'm just kind of stuck here. I've been so excited and ideas have been pouring out... everything is coming together and then i look at the wall and go, NO i can't think about that yet. I've avoided it long enough. Well, now's the time. I have nothing else to turn to anymore. Everything else is done. It is time to face the dreaded wall.

What do i do?

Your ideas, suggestions, opinions, and whatever else you have to offer are very much appreciated.

Dad and I just tried to glue this white frame around my mirror.... it's not holding very well. The boards are old (trying to save money) and aren't exactly straight. They kind of fold up on the ends. NOT GOOD people. not good. I'm afraid that i'm going to wake up in the middle of the night thinking some bad guy is in my room.... nope, just the boards falling off the mirror. (That's why there are no decorations on the counters - i don't want any boards to come crashing down and break everything i done so far.) Also, you can tell that i was in charge of the boards on the left and dad was on the right. My side is straight. His leans closer to the wall the farther you go up. Grace. That's what that is. Just let it go, Megan. haha! It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, remember?

I definetly had to change clothes for this picture because i had on the exact same outfit that i was wearing when i took pictures of the old bright green bathroom. So not cool.

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