Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Simple Woman

For Today... October 13, 2008 But not posted until Tuesday - 14th. I couldn't bring myself to publish 2 entries in one day. I've done it too much the past few days.
Outside my Window... the sun is shining. Dad doesn't like the blinds open - he's gone, so i have the freedom to do whatever i choose. :) I'm enjoying the LIGHT in the house. I'm also enjoying the candles burning at night - another thing dad doesn't like. (they caught the wall on fire many a years ago, so he isn't too fond of candles)

I am thinking... that appearently i am going to have to clean whatever funk in the kitchen is creating that nasty smell. I walked in this morning and almost fell over because i got hit by a wall of NASTY. Brandon's response - "Get to work stay at home mom."

(I got interupted earlier because i had class... I am back now finishing this post and would like to report the funk is gone!)

I am thankful for... seasons of growth.

From the kitchen... there are presents waiting to be opened, a few dishes needing to be washed, a recently swept floor, a CANDLE BURNING, and the smell of a fresh kitchen.
I am wearing... OBU Opera T-Shirt, black comfy shorts, no shoes, no make-up, hair down.
I am reading... my bible. Also i am trying to make my way through this blog.

I am hoping... that i will continue to move forward with conquering my mind, trusting myself, and being more intimate with my Lord.
I am creating... still working on that wall in my bathroom, but the flow of money is kind of short right now. Might be a few weeks before we finish tackling that project!

I am hearing... the air condition, my computer hum, and silence. It's an empty house.... just me here. (is this how it's going to be next summer when i move out?)

Around the house... I am trying to clean, organize, etc so that mom can come home to a fresh house. She didn't ask, but i know this is something all mothers desire deep down in their hearts.
One of my favorite things... completing a task without being told. It brings joy to my heart and i really really enjoy doing it.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... school. tests. (did you know last week was midterm? Only half a semester left.) adult choir. mom and dad come home. bible study. babysitting. MP3.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... Today is my parents 25th Anniversary! Here they are 27 years ago - Fall 1981. The 'dating' years!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


Tori said...

Hey, Megan! I got your blog from Cari's and wanted to say hello. It has been wonderful catching a glimpse of the woman you have become. Wish we could have been there for the years in between. Your family has a special place in our hearts. We have your and Casie's pictures from when we left and graduation pictures on our refrigerator. We tell our kids all about your family. Oh! And I was at your house when the candle caught the wall on fire. It was a Christmas progressive dinner. Your amazing mom didn't miss a beat and acted like nothing had happened. Her composure (among other things)always spoke volumes to me.

Please give your family our love!

Tori and Chris Pace

CDJ said...

That photo is hysterical. Wild Bill was groovin' huh? Your mom is GEE-orgeous!

Megan said...

O my goodness! TORI PACE!! I'm so excited!

Where is your blog missy?

I need an update.

Although, i do enjoy your christmas card/picture every year! SOOO soo SOO good to hear from you!