Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mother's Birthday. She isn't here for me to tell her personally, to love her and hug her, or to give her all her amazing gifts that i'm super excited about. Instead, she is having way more fun than that.... she's in Disney World!

Can you beleive that? Dad and Mom went to DW and didn't take us with them?


No. I'm excited for them. I have been praying for their love towards each other and God to be refreshed, revived, and renewed while they are away.

Mom and I are very very different. The areas of school that she has been gifted in are complete opposite from what i was blessed with. (I am a Kilgore) Our brains work completely different. The way we think just isn't the same. Sometimes it can be so frustrating, but i've come to love her and even learned to laugh at her uniqueness.

Decorating, for instance... let's talk about that some more. Because clearly i haven't posted enough on it lately. Our tastes, once again are so different. It's kind of weird actually. (clothes aren't really decorations - maybe decorations for your body... but let's go there first) Growing up she would buy me outfits for Christmas... Hm? You remember those years? When you felt horrible because you didn't like it, but you wanted to love your mother... you just couldn't bring yourself to tell her that it wasn't something you wanted to wear. As most mothers can, she could tell my true feelings. She eventually learned to never buy me any clothes for Christmas. It kind of made me sad because i felt like i hurt her. I never said anything about it, she was just good at reading me and knew her money would be better spent somewhere else. Probably a wise decision!

It's actually funny. The older i get the more we agree on things... well some things. There are times when we both point to something and react with, "oooo i like that... it's SO cute." Then we turn and look at each other with that 'disgusted and shocked, o my gosh we actually agree on something' look. Or the times when i point something out (or her) and the other has the 'disgusted and shocked, o my gosh i can't believe you like that' look. It's always a toss up, you never know what you're going to get.
One year for my birthday she completely redid my whole room. Paint, Bed Set, Decorations, Furniture... It was the coolest most maturist room i had ever seen up to that point. That was what we were going for! haha! I was forbidden from coming up stairs until she had completed the room. It was a total surprise when i eventually got to see it. And i loved it, for many years!

Another place that she finds contentment with decorating is in the yard. She loves to buy plants and work outside. Last Mother's Day i spent the day with her at Lowe's - roaming the aisles as she ooohed and aaahhed over all the pretty colors and many ideas flowing through her head. I love to sit on the back porch and swing, as i watch her dig through all that dirt and arrange the pots just right on the deck.

One thing that is completely undeniable about my mother is her love for Seasonal Decorations. Especially Fall. I'm just going to come out and say it.... My Mom is pretty darn good at some Fall Decorations. I believe it's a release for her. She loves to do it (and i love to look at it!)! The older i get the more i appreciate her hard work towards these decorations. After being at the dorm the other night, i realize how much i appreciate HOME. Cozy, Comfy, Warm home. There is no other place like it and it wouldn't be the same without my mother and all that she does to make it this way. (I took this picture last week and told her i was going to post about it... i also took a picture of her, but i won't post that one - she might get mad at me)

Now you may come over in March and see a pumpkin deal hanging in the kitchen.... she just wants to drag it out so that you can experience Fall a little longer than it truly lasts. haha! She gets busy and forgets to take the decorations down... but it's all groovy! haha.

Oh! We've learned to laugh! Gotta love her!

I've posted a few funny stories about my mother from time to time. Like the famous technology to stop Ike post. You know, there are truly funny people who are really good at making everyone laugh. It's who they are, they are talented. Well, mom isn't one of those. She's the one who is dead serious and in turn makes you laugh (at her). Or the one who tries to be funny and ends up being the only one laughing.... then you eventually end up laughing because it's just so funny that she actually thinks through these things hoping to pull a Funny!

She was packing for Disney the other day and called to ask about a bag to carry in the parks. I distinctly told her she could NOT wear a Fanny Pack. "You just can't, mom, it's SOOO not in style anymore. That would be incredibly uncool." She laughed. It's been a joke for many years. Before hanging up i did eventually tell her, "Mom, you can wear a fanny pack and i will still love you. I just need you to OWN it. Embrace it and Sport it with confidence." She bought a long strapped purse/bag thing from Walmart. :)

Mom always tried to get me to play the piano growing up - because she loves it so much. I never listened. It became a chore and not something i loved to do. I wish i would have listened to her advice and instructions more. They do know what they're talking about - don't cha hate that sometimes. I'm thankful for the few times that she did push me to go to lessons. I have never forgotten what i learned, even though it was many years ago. I may not be as talented as her and my love may not go as deep as hers, but there are moments when all i want to do is sit down at the piano and play. None of that would be possible without her.

I am also thankful for all the years we spent singing together as a family. It was mom's idea you know. She has always been encouraging in this area. She continually pushes me and wants me to use my voice. She constantly reminds me of the gift and talent the Lord blessed me with and encourages me to use it whenever i get the chance. She is one of the main reasons that i even considered Adult Choir.

We've had our moments of disagreements, but i love her. I'll never forget the night at OBU when something happened to one of my friends that i'd never experienced before. I was so frightened that i couldn't sleep. I didn't even want to close my eyes because i was afraid. I called mom at 3 something in the morning and she talked me through it. She did that tricky mothery thing where they ask questions about your day and stuff to get your attention off of it. She prayed for me over the phone and then i went to sleep. (with the lights on)

There is something about praying with your parents. Praying with people in general. Something about it produces a love and bond with that person that you can't get anywhere else. I love it!

Thank you for my mother, Lord. There are so many things that i take for granted that she has done for me. Forgive me, Lord, and thank you for all of her efforts to be a loving mother. Bless her on this day. Be with her and dad as they spend time away together. Help her to have a truly Happy Birthday. I love You!

Happy Birthday Mom!!
I miss you and love you! Hope you're having fun in DW!! (Now hurry up and come open these presents on the kitchen table!)

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mary carol said...

That's so much fun!! I am laughing thinking of your parents at Disney World:) I love your mom's was always so much fun to get to help y'all put them up, especially the Christmas lights!!