Friday, October 3, 2008

Sneak Peek

I've been trying to do some work in my bathroom all week. If you need a reminder of what this room use to look like : click here! I've never decorated before so i'm not too sure how i feel about myself. I'm trying to be creative and cute and..... uhmm yeah. I'm not done so you won't see many photos. But i had to atleast show you how retarted i am.
Ok... so i'm really weird about everything matching. I mean really weird. This little quality about myself is showing itself more and more as i try to coordinate and decorate this room. For instance, my new bathroom colors are brown and some bluey yummy color. (although the lighting isn't too great in this picture)
OOoooh, but i really love my sweet pea wall flower from Bath n Body works! The smell is delicious! I just can't part with it. But it's very sad because it's not blue or brown, or even some color that your eye would look over and not even notice - it's PINK! So what does this freak do?

Yes. I did. I covered her up with fabric (matching fabric, of course) and a pony tail holder. I tried the flower pony tail holder and just a plain brown one...

i think from far away i'm feeling the flower one....

How far is too far? I mean, is this just really crazy and stupid and freakish? Or do you feel me? I just aint feelin' that bright pink hanging out in my corner over there. This might actually be dangerous - it's probably a fire hazard or something! But hey, it matches!!

I need to think some more about that brown flower... it might need to go.


Mandy said...

I love the brown flower. :) I hope it makes the cut.

Megan said...

yeah.... i've let myself think about for a day now, staring each time i walk through the bathroom. I'm falling for it! hehe!

CDJ said...

I like the look of it...I'm totally distracted by its potential to burst into flames. Doesn't your dad sell insurance?
You're good.
I love the colors. You're doing great!