Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday? Is that what they call it?

I woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and heard the wonderful sound of rain pouring against the roof. Perfect! That noise instantly makes you want to crawl back into bed and snuggle up under your covers. Mom mentioned Thursday that she wanted to go back to Canton today.... to be honest i wasn't feelin' it. So i told her to wake me up when she decided what she was going to do. When i heard the rain i figured it was a no go for Canton. (yay)

So i slept in until ..... yeah. Then i got up and worked on 2 projects that i have due this next week in school. Mom came home around 3 from some in town shopping she had been doing. She was itching for a trip to Hobby Lobby. Some creative ideas were forming in her head and when that happens, there aint no waiting..... it's gosta happen right then.

I printed off my coupons i get through email and gave them to her. She was THRILLED! But now that i think about it - we didn't even end up using them. We totally forgot. How silly are we?

She expressed that she really didn't want to go alone. So i finished up what i was working on, threw some clothes on, and went with her. We had a wonderful time. Well at first it kind of started off slow, but then something happened at we both got the giggles and were being incredibly silly. It was really a fun mother/daughter time. I'm glad i decided to go despite what i felt.

So we spent entirely too much money at Hobby Lobby AGAIN.... remember how i told you it's a dangerous place? It really is! But the trip wasn't all bad. We got the Christmas shopping for the Grandparents on both sides all finished. Just making our way down the list of things to do.

We also got a few other gifts.

For Christmas on my dad's side of the family we are doing Dirty Santa this year. Honestly, it's kind of been more of a relief than years past. Why you ask? Well, because you don't have to think about a person that lives 500 miles away whom you hardly ever see and try to guess what they enjoy, want, or need for Christmas. You simply buy a feminine (or whatever sex you are) gift and then we'll play the Dirty Santa game. You'll probably find out more about people through this game than trying to guess what they want for Christmas. You'll see what they fight for and what totally gets ignored. It ought to be interesting.

You know.... this is probalby the best thing that has happened to our (extended) family. This little Dirty Santa game. We live hundred of miles a part and when we come together for Christmas it's not fun. Sorry, but it's not. I'm not in touch with my cousins, i'm not close to my relatives like i dream and wish it could be. So maybe this is PERFECT. We'll have to sit by each other, we'll have to STAY until everyone has gotten a gift and played the game, we'll have to laugh and talk.

I love the idea of a big family. Playing games, sharing stories, loving each other, wanting to spend time together, crying together, praying, learning things about each other, being goofy..... Like Dan in Real Life. I want a family like that. A family that all crams into one house for a weekend and doesn't turn on a single tv, but instead finds things to do together. I WANT THAT. A big happy family. They don't come easily though. It takes work, but i know it's possible.

Anywho - maybe this'll be good for us. More interactive!

Is it bad that i'm already bored with my bathroom? Because if i were honest i'd have to say that i am. This decorating stuff, I LOVE IT, but it's too much for me. It's like i have to stare at it for a few days to realize if i like it. And if i don't then i'll move it to another spot or try something new. It's all Cari's fault you know? She sent me a picture of her amazingly cute bathroom. And so now i'm bored with mine.

Well i think i've been bored for a while because i can't find a curtain that hits the spot and i have yet to finish the room with the tub and toilet. There is SO much brown in there it is driving me insane.

Soooooo.... i've been thinking. I might throw in a lime greenish color. Here is a towel that we amazingly already had in our home to match the previous bathroom decor. You know what that means - F R E E !!!
What do ya think? (well first off i think those cabinets need some serious dark chocolate paint... but that's for another day) I mean the colors - It sounds disgusting, but i've seen it done in Magazines and it's in style if you keep your eye open. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't. I just figured i might as well give it a try. My plan is to buy a few pieces here and there to slowly bring in the lime green and not spend too much money all at once. It's too matchy matchy for me right now - i need to branch out and do something wild for a little while. And if i hate it, then perfect. Atleast i know i wasn't afraid to try it. (something that i need to work on in other areas of my life)

I got some round ornaments, different sized boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon, cinnamon pine cones, and a tray to get festive for the holidays. I'm trying to be creative - so you'll have to wait and see what i make! I figured since my bedroom and bathroom are kind of in the middle of make overs i might as well decorate for the Holidays in there. Maybe it'll get me in the season!!! As if i need that? I'll let you know how those projects go. I could end up hating them too.

Have you ever watched Janette Oke's films or read her novels? I've started watching the Love Comes Softly series and i must say it is very very good. Maybe i'll watch the next movie tomorrow.... as soon as i'm done writing my research paper that is :) !

Alright, well there is my day. Nothing too fancy! How was yours? Do you dare go out shopping on this crazy day?


Marcia Stutes said...

I have all the books in the Love Comes Softly series if you ever want to read them. I read several of them this summer with a box of tissue on hand.

CDJ said...

I am diggin' the lime green. Go with it! Did I tell you that after I thought the cabinet doors were ALL done...I found a lone door on the patio that missed out on all the sanding, priming, and painting? poor guy. poor, poor me! If you like my color of chocolate, you may use my 3/4 gallon of paint. See you tomorrow!
and Tuesday, and Wed, and Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday. We are so lucky we like each other :)