Saturday, November 22, 2008

Watch Game or Blog?

By the time i woke up this morning mom had already taken down all of the Fall decorations and packed them away. As i was walking down the stairs she informed me of our plans for the day. Dad was on his way home with Sonic, we would eat lunch, shower n get ready, and then head over to Hobby Lobby for Christmas Decorations.

If you are thinking it's kind of early to start pulling out the Christmas Decorations.... well, i'm feeling you. But she did have some fairly good reasons involved.

Last January we got new tvs which meant we had to get a new entertainment center to hold the one for the living room. The entertainment center we had been using for many years was hand made by my grandfather. It had tons of storage space, but no cubby holes or shelves for decorations.

So this was reason number one for our trip to Longview. It has been 10 months that we've had to stare at those empty shelves.... it's about time we bought something to fill up the space and make it pretty.

The second reason she had for wanting to decorate was because she invited some folks over for the Tech/OU game. I guess it was important for her to have decorations up for these people???

And third... Christmas break is always super busy for her. By the time she pulls out all her christmas decor it's time to pack it back up. "I don't ever have time to sit back and enjoy it." (those were her words to me) She was determined to have them done in time to enjoy it herself this year. So determined that Thanksgiving hasn't even passed and Christmas is all over the Kilgore household.

Now back to this Tech vs OU game.... We have 8 chairs in the Media room and we have 9 people here. I'm just going to let you guess who got booted out of a seat.


I got stuck in what mom calls the HOLE - those round mushroom looking chairs. I mean it's my home and we invited these people over, so i had to be cheery about the whole ordeal. Of Course! :) I'm just kidding - i really don't care!!

Since dad was so quick to give my seat away.... and not worried about hurting my feelings :) .... i went downstairs and grabbed the computer.

"Is it going to offend anyone if i blog while we watch this game? I mean, i'm really not a sports fan.... there is no need for me to pretend that i'm interested."

So here i sit - typing away in the corner while sitting in the HOLE.

Have i ever mentioned that i LOVE Hobby Lobby? It's really a dangerous place. Definitely works on your self-control, will power, and helps you practice the whole 'do not over endulge' thing.... there are lots of pretty pretty things in there. You probably shouldn't go but like once a year. Unless you are super rich!!

Alright. I'm off to 'watch' a football game! Or maybe i'll surf the web?

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