Sunday, November 2, 2008


Friday afternoon i called my mother at work to see if she would be interested in going to Canton on Saturday. She was totally caught off guard.

Me: "Do you think i'd like it? I've never been."
Mom: "Well, YEAH! They have everything you could ever imagine there. And since you're so
into decorating you'd really love it."
Me: "Well, do you have plans? Do you want to go?"
Mom: "Well, yeah! Let's go."
I gave up my one morning to sleep in so we could get an early start towards Canton.

I LOVE IT! All the creative minds... i really appreciate well thought out creative ideas. The whole outside deal, walking from booth to booth, seeing peoples homemade creations. It was so fun to me. Such a good experience. I was trying to make a mental picture of everything i saw to hopefully recreate it one day (when i have a home of my own).

Mom got lots of Fall decorations (as if she needed more). And i helped her pick out the christmas wrapping paper for this year. Plaid - YUMMY!

I got some more decorations for my bathroom.... Hopefully to finish off that boring empty wall.

a towel rack. some beads that wrap around candles or probably something else a creative person could think to do with them. and that brown square deal - i'm not sure what the proper name is for it. lol. sorry. I seen them in homes all the time and i really like them. SO i got me one for super cheap!

and also a rug. (I don't know what that white stuff is on the bottom right... it isn't there in real life. It must be my retarted camera.)
I feel like SUCH a nerd for buying a rug. I have no need for a rug right now, especially not this size... but it was ALL of my favorite colors. (brown, white, black, and khaki) and on sale! I've been wanting to do my bedroom in these colors with like a random accent color - red or something. When i saw this rug i was like oooooo yeah, that's it! Mom loved it too! She never understand my whole brown and black deal... because according to majority of the world YOU CANNOT MIX THOSE 2 COLORS. But i just saw it in my head and knew if i could somehow find the way to pull it off one day it would look GREAT!!! When i pointed out the rug to her she literally oohed and ahhed.. "O YEAH, that looks good. And it will match with anything because it has both brown and black." I refrained from saying, Told Ya So!
I'm not really lovin' it right now in my room though. I need to bring everything together. I have college decorations, my old bedroom from years ago decorations, then new pieces that i put in within the past year of two.... it's SO all over the place. But i didn't want to leave it rolled up so i had to bring it in here. One of these days i'll get around to finishing up my bedroom. You see those bright colorful things over there. Those are still left over from when i redid the bathroom. They need to go. You want them? They are throwing off my room even more. :)

This one booth had old window frames... I'm into that! If i had a place of my own i would have spent so much more money and bought so much more stuff.... but i have no where to put it now, so i must wait! It pushed my little decorating button though and got my brain going. Now i have so many ideas just waiting to be explored and implemented. (is that the right word? It sounded so smart.)

Most of all, i loved spending time with my mother and sister. We don't do it often enough.

Thank you, Lord for a fun weekend and for time spent with my mom and sister. Thank you for teaching me how to love and put others first... please keep teaching me. I do want change in my life. Won't you keep working... I love it when you are around! Life is so much better with You! I love You!

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