Thursday, November 20, 2008

This Is My Offering

These are the lyrics to the intro song on our bible study dvd that we have been watching once a week for the past 6 weeks. (that sentence seemed extremely long, maybe even a run on - i need to work on my grammar. You see, i tend to think out loud and my thought process is definetly not in complete sentences... so you have to suffer while reading my blog - terribly sorry.) I know i've mentioned it -it, meaning the bible study- a few times over the past few weeks and i'm sorry if it's been annoying, but it has really been a blessing. Each night i leave feeling better than when i walked in the door, and i wouldn't say that to you unless it was true. I've heard so many people say that sentence so many times and i think to myself 'i must have been listening to something different than you because i don't feel anything... were we at the same meeting?' Do you ever feel like you can see the Lord working in other peoples lives and you aren't getting any of it? Like what am i missing? What am i doing wrong? I have felt that so many times....

but this bible study has gotten me each week.

And to think that i wasn't going to attend it because i missed the first two weeks. I remember even thinking that maybe it wasn't God's will or timing for me. How easily i give up when the littlest thing interferes with my life. Every single week - i kid you not - every thursday night something happened that almost kept me from going.

I had groups that were scheduled to meet to work on projects that i just happened to plan on Thursday evening at the exact same time as Bible Study.

I told mom at 5:15 that i would go to the grocery store, run errands, and pick up supper for her... and then realize at 5:55 (while sitting in the Dominoes drive-thru) that bible study started in 5 minutes.

And i don't forget things. I am very good at remembering where i am suppose to be, what time i'm supposed to be there, when things are due, etc. It's not like me to forget. Not the case this semester.

Or i'd have a really really emotional day, literally balling my eyes out or on the verge of doing so... Feeling like i physically cannot leave my house. The thought of being around a group of people just hurts to think about on those days. You don't feel like you can do it...

But each week i fought my insecurities, weaknesses, emotions, and even schedules to make it to watch the video for this bible study. And each week my heart felt completely at home and even full. Each week i couldn't wait to hear what she was going to say because i knew that it would be genuine and heartfelt. I knew it would grab ahold of me.

You know when something is completely simple yet amazingly beautiful at the same time. When verses and stories come together so perfectly. When a person speaks with this passion that you cannot avoid. When they inspire you and even make you feel like you can be that person to... completely in love with the Lord. Sold out passionate for Him. O i can't explain it.

When we get passionate about something, when our desires start to change and in turn affect our lives... you can bet opposition, business, and whatever else that will hinder or try to bring you down is coming your way. That's how i have felt with this bible study. And though i can't say i've given in when it comes to this bible study, i have to admit i've given in to the opposition in pretty much every other area of my life. I get so determined and then i fall flat on my face and give up. I'll get distracted, lazy, or let ignorance take over. I'm realizing that i'm not as hard a worker as i thought i was. I am going to have to pursue some things. To make some decisions with out knowing the outcomes. To try things that i've never mastered before knowing that i may make a mistake or even fail miserably. I'm going to have to lay my thoughts down and trust that He is bigger than all that consumes my mind.

I am so thankful for Angela and the words the Lord spoke through her. If you get a chance you need to do this bible study - A Beautiful Offering by Angela Thomas - You will not be disappointed.

so now that i've said all of that (and realize that you probably didn't want or need to hear it), i am going to share with you the lyrics to this song.

This Is My Offering - Kelly Minter

I will not give what costs me nothing
When I bring my sacrifice
Cause You have asked for only one thing
That I gladly give my life
So now I lay down on Your altar
Knowing what I lose I'll find
Please receive me though i falter
For all I have is Yours, it's no longer mine

With my mouth I will praise
With my heart I will obey
This is my offering
I will go where You lead
I will trust what I can't see
This is my offering, This is my offering

May my worship be a fragrance
Rising up in sweet refrain
As I come into Your presence
May I be a life worthy of Your name

With my mouth I will praise
With my heart I will obey
This is my offering
I will go where You lead
I will trust what I can't see
This is my offering, This is my offering

Be well pleased

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