Tuesday, April 15, 2008

obligation or desire?

so appearently i "thought" my test in Psychology was Thursday, but i get there today and realize.... NOPE, it's today! ha! It will totally be God's grace that helps me pass that one, because i was not prepared. That makes me sad because i've done really good all semester making A's and B's on all my test.... i want to bring my GPA up. Not that it's even "low" on certian peoples standards, but for scholarship reasons, i want it higher.

Speaking of Psychology, we had a very interesting discussion today. We talked about Attraction... Dr. New took tons of polls asking the class random questions, like "who pays more attention to physical attractiveness or LOOKS, Men or Women?" of course the class was 50/50 with their opinion... i didnt have one. But according to the statistics he says that most women are dating for money and men date with attraction in mind. I found it interesting to hear people speak on what they thought was important, some people surprised me. A woman who just recently got married raised her hand when he asked if money was important or if it mattered.... i kept mine down. I felt bad for her, but who am i to judge why she feels that way. She says that she believes most women think about money for security reasons, they want to know they are going to be taken care of and provided for. I tend to think it depends on what you consider being taken care of. Everyone has their own opinion of how much money is ENOUGH....

Dr. New asked questions like, "Say you have 2 equally attractive guys, but one makes 10,000 and the other makes a million... which do you choose?" FINALLY someone says personality... I was waiting for someone to say that, not that i couldn't haha but you know me i'm to shy and i do NOT speak up in class. hahaha On the way home i continued to ponder this interesting topic.... money and looks are both things that fade away, so what would be the biblical way of dating or picking a spouse? How would you debate this topic and tell someone what you believe? I think if you date for money or looks you are in for a rude awakening..... a few years down the road either of those could not be there. But their personality will ALWAYS be there.

I think so many of us seem to know what is "right", yet we don't desire it or go after it.... obligation or a matter of the hearts desire? As for now, i'm continueing for God to show me Himself, and for his desires and mine to line up..... i dont want to just "know" the right choice, i want to desire and LOVE the right choice..... just something to ponder i guess.


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