Saturday, April 12, 2008

life as a student.

It's only 3:15 and so far today i've already read a little over a chapter in The Shack, read a few chapters out of Galatians, Written a research paper, written another short story for my American Literature class, took a break for lunch somewhere in there and now find myself sitting here starring a hole in the floor..... then i'm like "Hello Megan, come back to Earth."

I have 3 papers due this week, and 2 tests to study for. It's seems as though this semester has been the fullest semester of all my college years. Although if i remember correctly my Junior year in High School was the hardest year too. I can remember people saying your junior year will be the toughest and then your senior year will be the year to relax, yet freak out about the future.

I'm totally exhausted, yet i dont know why because i got plenty of sleep last night. My head has this little pain that keeps coming and going near my right temple. Maybe i will take some Advil then have a little nap. I dont seem to do well with naps though. Ever since my depression which naps goes GREAT with, they seem to be great friends.... i can't seem to take naps without feeling sad. Memories i guess. I took so many naps when i was going through that year of struggling with depression that any time i take them now i have this fear that i'm lazy and depressed, so i just avoid even going there.

ALTHOUGH a nap would be very enjoyable right now.

I guess i should go figure out some way to be productive since i'm not going to give into the nap that is so calling my name. I suppose i will find something to do to pass the time, then once 9 or 10 reaches i can call it quits and close my eyes until morning.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Love.

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