Tuesday, April 8, 2008

first blog

I always enjoy reading Cari's blog so since i had time between classes, i decided to just give in and create one of these for myself. I use to blog on my myspace some, and since i am currently trying to delete that... this will be a great place to start over. Although, i don't have the time or much to say right now. Choir practice starts at 2 forUniversity Singers. We have a concert tonight and i will be VERY excited when it's over. Yes you heard me right, when it's OVER.... i'm so burnt out on Choir. I've decided not to be in it next year, and instead stay with the church choir. I dont think i will regret my decision... for many reasons unmentioned.

School is coming to an end, which is exciting yet scary because that means my last year of college is finally here. College hasnt been what i expected, nor does anything ever turn out the way we expect it to, but i feel like the past year and a half God has really been dealing with me alot. You don't realize how much you've grown until it just all hits you one day and becomes overwhelming. Anyways, all this to say. I'm very nervous about graduating next May and all that follows that, but i know there in lies the BEAUTY.... the fear of the unknown makes us become completely dependent on God.

My life seems to have taken a big U-turn the past month or so, but i know it's all for the better. I have total peace, even though i'm scared and uncertain about alot of things. I can't wait to get to know God more and be totally complete in Him.

Well i'm headed off to choir. Have a FABulous night.


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CDJ said...

Welcome to Bloggerville! I'll be sure to come visit quite often.
love you