Wednesday, April 23, 2008

really now.

At the end of this semester, which is a week from today, i will have taken 26 tests. AH 26 tests in less than 4 months is OUTRAGEOUS! this has been such an exhausting semester... Amazingly though i've only failed 1 so far, but that could very well change because i had a test this morning and was not prepared. Totally my fault though!!!!

God i come to you now thanking you for another day! May i rejoice and be glad in it! Be with my mind and my emotions, help me to sort them out and deal. Father i so desperately need you right now with this situation i'm going through in my life. Open my eyes and ears, open me up completely to see and hear what you are speaking to me. I don't want to miss it Father. Be with James as he leads his bible study tonight, completely take over and speak through Him Father. May the kids pay attention and be interested in what you are saying through Him. Fill James up Father and may he be so excited to share what you have layed on his heart. Help him to grow in you and see your direction in His life. I lift up all my friends in choir who you have layed on my heart lately. Be with each of their different situations, as only you know each of them specifically. Thank you for who You are. I love you!

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