Friday, April 18, 2008

the weekend is here!!!

Casie went on a choir trip for the Seniors this weekend and mom went to help out.... so it's just me with the boys here this weekend. Tonight me stacy and brandon went to Longview. we ate at Papacita's then headed over to the mall to look around. Bath n Body Works was having some really good deals, 6 for $30 so i got a lot of yummy smelling body spray and shower gel..... i also got some sweet pea wall flower plug ins. I AM SO EXCITED!! my room is going to be smelling so pretty! Afterwards we went to the driving range and hit some golf balls. not really on my list of things to do for fun, but i actually had a good time. It helped me to get things off my mind and not worry about stuff for a little while. Then we stopped by walmart, got some essentials, then some candy to top the night off. haha :) All in All it was a great night!

This has been a pretty depressing week, but tonight has given me hope that it's all going to be ok... some day. I just have a lot to deal with and figure out before i reach that day.

Tomorrow i'm going to do some stuff around the house for my mom, then hang out with some girl friends later that night.... it should be interesting. I've realized that i've never truly had to make friends before. Not that i can't be good at it, i can be very confident and friendly... i just don't like it. I'm comfortable where i'm at, being at home doing nothing, but this hasnt served me well. So i'm stepping WAY out of my comfort zone and trying to make friends, some days i fail.... badly.... i just sit there balling wondering why i stink so bad. ha sounds stupid. anyways. I'm determined to find out who i am and be confident in that person. No better time to learn than now; a year from now i'll be living on my own and HAVE to make friends and have a real job. enough of that.

i hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Father i come to you now thanking you for who You are. Help me to fall in love with You. Show me what it means to be complete in You. Thank you for relationships, and how you use them to sharpen us and ultimately bring us closer to you. Help me as i make friends, be my strength and my confidence. I need your wisdom in my life Father. I love you and want to know you more. -me.

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