Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Through God's Eyes.

I wrote this almost 4 years ago, when i was going through a difficult time.... and it's by no means good, but it was the cry of my heart one night as i sat in my room. I remember writing in within minutes.

Have you ever wondered if the world could see
or knew all the things you'd done,
what would they think?
Would they believe the things you say?
Think you're fake because you pray?
or question your faith?

My Father sees, forgives-forgets,
the things i often do regret.
How can this be?
Sometimes i wish the world could see ... Through God's eyes.

Cause through His eyes,
He's there each time we fall,
with an outstretched arm he says, come one and all.
When the world laughs at you,
God's there to lend a shoulder,
cause He sees past all your tears and pain, to who YOU are.

My child don't worry, your sins are forgiven,
you may remember, but i have forgotten.
No matter what you do, You're still my child,
and I will always be here, loving you!

My heart is heavy tonight, as i sit here tears are filling up in my eyes..... I couldn't find the words to express anything in my blog, so this popped in my head. I just figured i would share it. Not for praise, but just because i had nothing else to say.

Father help me to realize your love, your forgiveness, your goodness.... i know that it's out there, i just fail to recognize it. Open my eyes Father, i want to see with your eyes. Not just your beautiful creation, but i want to see others the way you see them. Fill my heart Father, please. I come to you, seeking you and your wisdom for my life.

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