Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I've spent most of my day today in my bathroom. I cleaned it a week and a half ago, but it was time to do the healthy cleaning that your eye can't see again. Remember my good healthy habits that i told you about - really really really working on those. I cleaned the toilet, tub, countertops, mirrors, floors, washed all of the towels, and finally got to the cabinets underneath our sinks that i told you about a long time ago.

You would not believe some of the stuff i found down there. Mom is really bad about keeping things. Everytime i ask her what to do with something that we no longer need, or does not match the theme of a certain room, she gives the same response - "save it, we'll sale it in a garage sale". I'm still waiting on that garage sale, folks!

It seems as though Casie and I have a little of that same gene in our body. Or maybe we've just been incredibly lazy and haven't cleaned out the old junk. It took me no time to clean out the space because most of it went into the trash. Don't tell mom - she wasn't invited to the party... we wouldn't have gotten anywhere and it would have taken so much longer. So i took it upon myself to decide whether or not things needed to be kept, or if it was time to part.

But I would like to share with you some of the funny things that I found down there...
Make Up from childhood - (there were 2 of these cases underneath Casie's side) do you remember how these things smell? WOW!

Cowboys hat - what in the world? I don't know whose this is or why in the world it's under the bathroom sink. I wouldn't recomend putting that thing on your head though - it was disgusting... yellow looking with hairs and dust all over it. It got thrown in the trash.

A movie ticket from 1998 - 10 years people.... has it really been that long since we've cleaned?

And here is the finished product.

I stole these baskets from my sister's closet. I'd rather have it crammed into a basket than sitting in rows lining the floor of the cabinet. It just looks more organized to me - or so my brain thinks.

And now is when i tell you that we do not need to go to the store for a VERY long time.

15 bottles of perfume, 16 bottles of lotion, 10 containers of shampoo and conditioner, 8 bottles of hair styling products, 5 bottles of face wash, 2 shower gels, 1 pump of foaming anti-bacterial hand wash, biore nose stripes, facial cleansing pads, and oodles of medicine. And this is after i threw most of it away.

I think we're covered for a few months. My savings account will glady appreciate it - MAY IS COMING PEOPLE!!!

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