Sunday, December 21, 2008

Walk With Me

I don't have one of those photo editing software things so i opened Paint and was going to fix those horrible evil eyes that i have going on there, but then i felt like that was my PRIDE speaking.... so i decided to leave it the way it actually came out! Sorry if it scares you.

Saturday morning all of the guys - cousins, uncles, nephews, in laws - went to play golf. This year started a new tradition... every year the guys in the family will play golf the Saturday before Christmas. Bonding - don't you love it?

The family was scheduled to be at Mama Billie and Papa Bill's at 2 o' clock in the afternoon.

I took my running shoes because i figured i would have nothing else better to do. I announced in the car on the way over that i brought my shoes so that i could go running. Mom stated that she wanted to go with me - so we set our alarms, got up the next morning, and were getting ready to go. I remind you that she had not planned on running... there was zero preparation for jogging down the street in a foreign town. She did not have clothes to wear so she had to settle for these bright red pajama pants with Mickey heads all over them. Then she had on a navy blue t-shirt that said "Walk with me - God". Zero Make up. Although knowing her she probably ran the hairbrush through her hair a time or two.

When i was in high school i use to cake on the eye make up. You could not miss it. Ever since i've been in college i've done things differently. During the week i hardly even touch my make up bag... on Sundays i throw on mascara and blush and that's it. If you look at my pictures i'm sure you would see that i look 'prettier' (in the world's terms) with all my make up on. Mom mentions it often that she wishes i would wear my make up - "it just brings out your beautiful eyes". It always hit a nerve with me. "This is how God made me... exactly... what is your deal?"

I agree that we should never 'need' our make up (or anything else for that matter). We should be completely comfortable with who we are so that we aren't insecure if we are running late one day and don't have a chance to put on our make up or do our hair. But if it's a health issue... then that's different. And deep down i think that's what mine had turned into - that's why it hurt so bad. I never took/take care of myself anymore... i let my crap consume my life. I've been trying to set my alarm for 9:30 to create good healthy habits and keep myself productive and fruitful. Friday morning i cleaned the house for mom, did laundry, loaded/unloaded the dishwasher, packed, wrapped presents for my brother and then finally had time to squeeze in a shower before we hit the road. I chose not to do my make up because we would be arriving at bed time. I didn't see the point of wearing it in the car for 6 hours to only wash it off when we arrived. When my mother came home i explained to her that i wasn't going to put on my make up since we were going to be stuck in a car all day long. "But we're stopping for supper." (okay? and i care because?)

It is now not an issue of health for me. I am making changes so that i prove this to myself. And it's definetly not because i'm lazy - i clearly was working ALL Friday morning to get things done, not to mention, woke up early when i could have slept in.

All of that is important information for the story... and it makes it SO funny! (and also because short stories do not exist in my life)

I told my mother that it did not matter what she looked like because truly it did not.... but i had to get this moment on camera. We snapped this picture before we headed out the door. She turned her head the other way because she didn't want you to see her no make up face. I told her that was fine - the pants were good enough for me! haha :) i'm so mean! So this picture was the best i could do to capture the event.

We head out the garage and as soon as we turn the corner there stand my cousins :) BWAHAHA!!!! Mom immediately covers her face, "NOOOO. No one is suppose to be here until 2 o' clock. We weren't expecting anyone. I look terrible." They started dying laughing... i already was - not at the way she looks, but because God can really be funny sometimes. We finally break away from them and start "running". I kept giggling and just said "own it".

"walk with me - God... hahahaha because i'll make you run into family members that you only see once a year... with no make up on and bright red mickey pajamas."

I told her that God was SOSOSO funny and that appearently He just wanted her to be comfortable with the way He made her. She laughed! And continued on with her once a year excuse and wanting to look her best.

An hour later we were taking showers, doing hair, make up and all that stuff. While i was in the shower she was doing her make up... i could see her through the glass. She started talking so i listened closer to what she was saying.... in a frustrated frantic voice i heard,

"i forgot my magnifying mirror. I can't see to put on my make up. And i forgot my brush to put on my eye shadow. And i forgot my mascara."

From the shower muffled by running water you hear - "OWN IT" BWAHAHAHHAHA!

I couldn't help but laugh. She knew not to ask me for mascara - i'd probably lie and say that i didn't have any so that she'd have to spend the whole evening like that... completely natural!!! She borrowed Casie's.

"walk with me - God"

He really is funny!

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