Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bring in the Green

My grandparents from Mississippi are coming in tomorrow for my brothers graduation. They are spending Friday evening with us. My bedroom is also known as the Guest Bedroom in our house. I always get the boot whenever we have family or friends visiting. Their breif and sudden visit has forced me to complete my bathroom. I guess not forced, but given me enough excuse to do SOMETHING to that wall. So here it is.... i threw it together tonight.

I decided to go ahead and add some lime green in the room. Hopefully it looks descent enough for company. There is a wicker semi-circle laundry basket at Target that i want, but haven't purchased yet. When i do it will go right below that towel holder thing and will occupy that ackward empty space.

I'm not crazy about this wall, but this was all i had to work with for now. And free is always a better option.

Mom got this candle holder at work today - she asked if i could find a use for it sooooo... i did. I scrummaged around the house for these candles. Notice they are burning - i'm trying to get them down to the rim of the container so you can't tell they are all different shapes and sizes. It also helped to bring in some lime green. And once again - FREE! The beads were a Canton purchase - i just wrapped them around the base so that it somewhat toned down the amount of brown in the room. And it added a more feminine look instead of big and chunky.

Yes. That fake floral deal is just sitting right on top of the towel rack.... i didn't know what else to do with it. It was going to be crammed into the cabinet or sitting on the counter, so i just layed it on there. whatev. I need a little green hand towel or something to go here... we'll work on that tomorrow.
Along with "finishing off" the bathroom i was also forced to clean my bedroom. It was needed very badly. It feels good to clean and be busy. If only i can keep it that way.

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Rebecca said...

I love, so very pretty! The green looks favorite color.