Monday, December 15, 2008

Day Book

For today... Monday December 15, 2008

Outside my window... i haven't been outside yet today, but my boss called and told me it was way too cold for the children to play today. Fine by me - i love being inside. I did reach up and open the window enough to see that the wind is blowing like crazy.

I am thinking... that i really love a clean house. I love to organize, but can't ever seem to keep it that way. Ever since i cleaned last Thursday i have been picking up after myself each time i get through with something. If only it could become a habit - now that would make life SO much easier!!!!!

I am thankful for... church friends. I love my church family - one of the only things i love about this town.

From the kitchen... dishes are every where, the counters are piled full of junk, and the table is covered in scrapbooking paper, pictures, and christmas cards. I guess i should get on that when i get done here.

I am wearing... black cami, long sheet navy blue t-shirt, black trash bag shorts (i don't know the proper name, i've always called them trash bag shorts) I so don't match, but who's checking?

I am going... to clean the kitchen as soon as i get finished here and then pick the kids up from school at 3 o' clock.

I am reading... Deuteronomy and other Simple Woman Daybooks this morning.

I am hoping... to find a job for the Spring (and even longer than that if it be His will) and to have joy and peace in that.

I am creating... can't' really think of anything that i'm creating at the moment. I'm really not a creative person - i pretend and like to think that i am.

I am hearing... the television from downstairs - Casie is watching 7th Heaven. Other than that my computer!

Around the house... my bedroom and bathroom are tidy, fresh, and clean. Are you tired of hearing me say that? And i must say i have been a candle burning freak over the weekend. I LOVE candles... especially this creme brulee one that Cari gave me! Yummy! I even went to walmart and picked up a few more! This will definitely be a regular on my grocery list.

One of my favorite things... laughter! There's nothing like a deep belly laugh that almost brings tears to your eyes. I've laughed so much lately - i didn't realize how much i'd missed it - when i truly laugh i feel like me again. And that brings peace.

A few plans for the rest of the week... babysitting monday and wednesday, choir party on Wednesday evening, and heading to Mississippi to have Christmas with dad's side of the family on Friday. I'm working on finding something productive to do with the rest of my days - they are empty. Call me if you need anything! :)

A picture thought to share with you... Get your guns up!!!!

Casie has become a huge Tech fan - now that her boyfriend attends there! This was taken at her Christmas Concert last week for Jordan - Go Raiders!


Karen Bickerdike said...

hey Meagan...I noticed that you babysit, do you ever sit in the evenings? chase is old enough not to need a sitter, but there are times we have to be gone at night and I would feel better if someone older was here to help ya case of fire, blood, etc. Let me know.

Christina said...

I am thankful for our church family too! Our church has made Marshall "home."