Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Productive is so fulfilling

I spent the past hour or so wrapping these gifts. I learn better whenever i figure things out on my own - it's a pride issue... i understand that! I just have a problem with my mother trying to "tell" me how to do things. Maybe i just need to get my heart right on the whole issue. Anyways, i'm getting better at wrapping gifts. And well, tying the bow.... i'm getting better at that too. (I think the main thing i'm working on is having confidence in myself and not worrying about what others will think. Especially details like bows - no one will ever even notice it probably.)
I know i've mentioned it before, but i LOVE our paper this year. Plaid is just so yummy to me! I finished shopping for family and friends a while back so my gifts were already under the tree... but mom has been super busy so the gifts i spent time wrapping this evening were actually from her (and the rest of the family - dad, brandon, and casie usually leave it to mom and I to get these things done).
Here is a picture of my CLEAN bedroom - i had to remind you once again that it was clean because well, this is a rare thing around our house. Am i a boring nuetral freak or what? I took all of my pictures off the wall almost a year ago because i was bored with them. Elephants, Leopards, Zebras, Monkeys, Lions... you can only handle so much of them then it's time to move on. That's why the walls are empty and boring. Notice that i do not have a bed - simply a matress and box frame thing. I've had my eye on a bed at a store here in town for 2 years now.... i just think it's wise to only buy things if it's a neccesity at the moment or if you have more than enough funds that allow you to purchase it - so i'm waiting. After all i'm perfectly fine like this. I never planned on there being so much brown in the room - the nuetral theme just kind of happened - i have big plans for this room, but once again am putting that off until it's neccesary... there are more important things in life to worry about. I never want little things like this to become an issue. Now that i've shared all of my thoughts out loud....

I cooked supper the past two nights.... I forgot how much i loved it. Not that i'm good or anything, but more of the productive organized mom feel of it. I cannot wait to have a family. The desire seems to grow more everytime i clean, cook, organize, decorate, plan.... but i'm learning to wait on Him. We had an awesome time together last night - aren't the best moments spent in private with Him? Do you feel the same way? No one is watching, you can completely be yourself and worship Him - hopefully one day my humaness will get out of the way in public. I know it's a mental deal - i just need to learn how to conquer it.

Now that i'm out of school i've made a bad habit of staying up til midnight or later. Which then cuts into my day because i sleep in the next morning. It's now 11:30 - i need to get going. I should probably take some medicine too - i feel a sore throat coming on. Sorry for the boring post. Hope you have a fantastic day!

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mary carol said...

I completely agree...I love alone time with Him...there is nothing else like it because all walls are down. Looking forward to hanging out over Christmas!
love you