Friday, December 5, 2008

Ending the Evening

Levi picked where we would eat tonight - Chili's. He promised to be obedient so i decided to give it a try. My sister came along because... well, i'm sweeter when i have help. It's weird how different one can act just because there is someone else around. What is it? Something mental i suppose.

After dinner we went on an adventure to check out Santa's Workshop. The kids got to make a sled - which meant they got a piece of wood that looked somewhat like a sleigh, four wheels, four nails, and a hammer. I think you get the idea. Hammer in your wheels and you've made yourself a car. Then they had this table where you could (quote, unquote) "paint" your sled (with markers). Both of them decided to pass up on that little opportunity, so here we are with these wonderful wooden sleds.

We came back to the house so the kids could watch Drake and Josh's Christmas movie on Nick. I made cocoa for them to enjoy while watching the show. (really working on this trying to be a sweet babysitter deal) While they were glued to the screen i tried to work through some plans for the opening song on our children's christmas musical. We have rehearsal in the morning and HAVE to get it figured out and nailed down. I'm kind of worried about it, but pretending (and trying) to look like i know what i'm doing. It could be a terrible disaster!

Also, i have worked on making a few changes to my schedule next semester. O, yes i forgot to tell you what "happened" to my transcript this week. When i transferred a lot of my classes from my previous school did not come with me..... well they came, but as electives - not what they really stand for. This is one of the reasons i changed my major. I was going to have to redo a ton of my music classes. You would think 2 colleges that are "sister" schools would be able to transfer courses, but no, it doesn't work that way. When you reach your senior year they send out all these emails telling you to check your degree audit to make sure that EVERY COURSE that you need for GRADUATION has been completed. I had completed everything except for my 39 upper level hours. When the Fall 2008 semester was over i would have 30 upper level hours completed - leaving me (do the math) 9 hours left to take in the Spring.

For some reason i got an email giving me permission to register myself for the upcoming semester. This doesn't happen all the time - it's kind of odd. I've gotten this email before, but never had enough faith to do it myself because i know how colleges can be. Mistakes happen all the time.... you know. I decided to go for it this semester, but had my advisor double check my work.

I checked, checked, checked, and checked over my degree audit many times to make sure i was adding all of my hours up correctly. My advisor looked at my transcript (instead of my degree audit) and said that instead of 9 hours i needed 10 upper level hours. Something about one of my OBU classes not counting full credit.

ANYWAYS - to make the story shorter.... he sent my degree audit and/or transcript to some head person at the school to triple check our work. What happened then?

Somehow mysteriously i now need 12 upper level hours to complete everything for Graduation in May. TWELVE? DO WHAT? I'm just wondering how 2 people missed calculated... i checked, my advisor checked, and we were only an hour off from each other - BUT we were looking at 2 seperate documents - then a HEAD person checks and extra hours get taken away... i don't get it.

Immediately after i got the email i logged onto Campus Connect to see what happened.... and yes, one of my upper level courses had been DELETED or REMOVED - which ever word you prefer. You think i'm lying? I am totally not. This kind of thing happened to my brother and some other people i know - all of us going to the same school. That's the reason i was hesitant about completing my registration on my own.

I don't understand.

I haven't mentioned this to my parents because i don't think it will do any good. I can hear my father now... "I swear. They are after money. That's all they want. That's why i didn't go to school. Too many rules and...."

It's not really a big deal to me (even though i'm blogging about it). I've never been one to get upset about things like this. Ask my dad - growing up he always got so angry because i never stood up for myself - well, i'm doing it again. It takes a lot to get to me angry. I just think it's funny that once again something magically happens right before a student is about to graduate.

Well, i'm about to put the kids to bed so i've gotta go. Hope you have a great evening!

Thank you Father for a productive evening that kept me busy. I love You.

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David Weaver said...

Hey Megan, you need to go check on this at the registrar's office yourself, or maybe call Toni Moore who works there. That's way too much confusion for something that should have already been settled I would think.