Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jane Blonde

School ended on Thursday so everyone (etbu students) went home. Our Church Christmas musical is tomorrow morning and my wonderful friend Hannah here had to stay because she had a solo. She has been spending the weekend at our house because the dorms are closed! I don't have friends over very often - it's odd for me. I need to do it more often, but i think i have insecurities or something. It's been so much fun hanging out and being goofy.... just us girls. We had to stay in the camper last night because my grandparents were in my bedroom, but tonight we get to move back in!!!! :) Another friend, Hadassah, is also staying over because she is hitching a ride back to H-town with Hannah.
I don't have very many friends from school(or in general), Hannah is probably my closest girl friend (from ETBU). I need to branch out. We haven't taken a picture together in a while so we decided to take advantage of the weekend and take some pictures! This was taken just before bed on Friday evening....

And here we are the next morning on our way to Graduation.

Hadassah, Me, and Hannah at Mcalisters

O yeah... Hannah was Jane Blonde in our Children's musical last week - dad yelled her name across the auditorium this morning and she turned and i snapped this picture of her.... as soon as i took it dad said, "jane... jane blonde." HAHA! sorry - it was funny to me!

so then we each had to imitate the Jane Blonde look....
some of us weren't very good at it - like me!

But we did have a very fun weekend and evening!

Thank you, Lord for friends! Thank you for laughter! We love you so much!


Karen Bickerdike said...

Hey cute lil Megan...I ran across your blog checking Cari's. That is a beautiful picture on your profile. I don't know you very well, or actually at all I guess, except through Kendall and Cade's world. However, what I know and see is precious! Thank you for your time that you give to the little impact lives. Have a happy day!~Karen Bickerdike (

Christina said...

Y'all did great this morning! I loved both yours and Jane Blond's solos. Y'all rocked the house!

Rebecca said...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break. Love the pics.