Monday, December 8, 2008

Simple Woman

For Today.... Monday, December 8th, 2008

Outside my window... it is dark. I don't think i've ever done a daybook this late.

I am thinking... that computers in general are addictive. I signed back onto my old facebook account (did you know that when you delete your account it doesn't really delete it?) this afternoon to send a messege to a girl at school. I needed to apologize to her and it was the only way i knew to contact her. I couldn't see any fruit coming from facebook so i deleted it back in March - getting back on there today was totally weird.

I am thankful for... my mistakes - only because they are opportunities to learn. Did you know that i'm a terrible babysitter? I make children cry. I don't know if i'm cut out to be a mother :( . Although, i do feel like i got to a childs heart today. I found it - i believe it's the only way to truly discipline someone - find what gets their heart... you'll know when you've hit it. It not only got to him, but it reached mine also - then we bonded. All was well afterwards! We even exchanged hugs!

From the kitchen... the counters are pretty messy, but that's nothing new. The dishwasher was loaded this afternoon, i'm not sure if it's been unloaded yet.

I am wearing... 2005 NCAA National Championship UT t-shirt, black comfy pants, socks, and pony tail.

I am going... to bed in a few minutes. I need to get an early start tomorrow morning so that i can finish my take home final before 4 o' clock. Morning is not my friend. Calling it a struggle would be an understatement.

I am reading... study guide after study guide after study guide.

I am hoping... to pass all my finals (and classes also) and find some kind of job for next semester. Peace - that's more of what i want - to feel like i've made the right decision about what to do next.

I am creating... some gifts for friends.

I am hearing... the tv from down the hallway and my computer hum once again.

Around the house... my parents are sleeping, stacy and brandon are doing who knows what - studying? YEAH RIGHT!

One of my favorite things... feeling strong and capable. I don't get that feeling very often - and that's only my fault. Insecurities stink - especially ones that you never knew existed.

A few plans for the rest of the week... finals, babysit, adult choir rehearsal, and a friend is staying over this weekend - so weird.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... this is Lauren Talley - you may have heard of The Talley Trio? Last semester we attended their concert and got our picture taken with Lauren!

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mary carol said...

I love reading your blogs...I feel like I can relate to many of them, and I feel like even though we dont get to talk that much that I can still keep up with you a little bit! Love you!