Friday, December 5, 2008

Babysitting this Evening

I have a few minutes before Zoey and Levi get here... i figured i would spend the extra time blogging. We are going to go eat supper somewhere in town and then head to Santa's Workshop. I had never heard of this place before, but appearently it's something fun for kids to do. It's downtown on the square. They get to pick a toy, make it, and then take it home to keep for themselves... all for free. Atleast, this is what i was told.... i wonder if someone missed the small print when they passed this news onto us. We'll see! Hopefully they will behave since it'll be a new unfamilair environment. Fingers Crossed! I'm just not feeling very strong today - I don't know how much i can handle.

I don't think i'm a good babysitter. It makes me realize how important it is to have a mother and father present in a home. You simply can't do it all by yourself. Or atleast i can't - and i'm not even a parent yet. But i also think i'm realizing how little faith i have in myself. I'm not doing so hot emotionally or mentally right now. It's very draining..... i won't share all of that right now.

My Christmas shopping is done! It's seems really really early compared to years past. But i feel relieved to get it out of the way.

Here is my dad's new favorite question for everyone he comes in contact with....
"Guess what Wii are getting for Christmas?"
It's pretty obvious to guess what he has asked for when you see it written down like that. But o so sad for those very lucky people whom he asks in person. Poor things.... they just stare at him dumbfounded and then he preceeds to ask again..... and then they very ackwardly look around at each of us as if we are going to send them a hint. So we tell them that the word 'we' is pretty important and they finally understand! He is so excited about it!! Makes me laugh!

Today was the last day of classes. All i have left to do is study for and then take finals next week. Since i'm nearing graduation and about to get out into (what most people would call) the 'Real World' i've been thinking about things i wish i could go back and do differently - or i guess a better way to word that would be, "what i will do different with my children."

I will have to post that later.... Zo and Levi just got here! Have a great night! Sorry for the boring post.

Lord, i need you. You know everything that is going on inside of me better than i or anyone else could ever understand. Please be with us tonight. Help me to be patient and loving despite my emotions. I need your help, Father. I love You.

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Mandy said...

We got a Wii also! However, ours never made it under the Christmas tree. I got outvoted and we started using ours immediately. It HAS been loads of fun thought! Hope your family has as much fun as ours has. Love Ya!