Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bookshelves, Blue Jeans, and a Big Sale

The main thing i've been wanting for a few months now was black bookshelves. I'm trying to take advantage of Christmas' and Birthdays to ask for things that i will need whenever i move out. Here are my new bookshelves!!!

They do help in making the rug look like it matches the room a little better now. I can use these in just about any room whenever i have my own place.

We also went shopping yesterday so that i could use the money my grandpa got me to buy some blue jeans. I hate shopping for jeans - they're either too long, too tight on the thighs, too big in the waste, too long in the crotch... they never fit everywhere just right. About a year ago i found a store in Louisiana that had jeans that fit perfectly. I have 2 pair right now, but wanted one more. I also had a gift card left over from my birthday that i needed to spend and mom wanted to go K*rkl*nds. We got to the mall and my jean store had gone out of business - the store was closing and had only 2 round racks full of shirts. I was so disappointed. How will i ever find a store that carries jeans that fit everywhere perfectly?

K*rkl*nds was also closing in this mall because of business. Everything was on sale. I got this mirror for 30% off along with 4 other pictures, a lamp (in the picture above), and the faith that was on the wall in the bookshelf picture. All 7 items for $100. If you live close by you should go take advantage of the super store closing sale.

I plan on moving out my vanity in my room and hanging this mirror on the wall - for now it will be my full length dressing mirror instead of walking downstairs to borrow mom's every morning.

This is one of the pictures i got - it has all 3 colors (brown, blue, green) and now the bathroom is officially complete.

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CDJ said...

I love what you've done with the place! Good work!