Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weird and Random Facts 'bout Me

Below are 90 odd, funny, strange, gross, and even normal facts about me. You may not want to be my friend after reading some of these. But i don't know maybe you'll laugh and find out that you aren't so weird after all!!! Love You!

I have two profiles. (my nose is rounded on one side and pointed on the other - NO JOKE!)

I don't use conditioner.

When eating cereal i use bacon as my spoon. (biting off a piece with each scoop - it's good! You should try it! This works well with oatmeal too!)

I was born with the wrong bone in my big toes.

I'm really lazy when it comes to taking showers. My depression (freshman year) did not help any. To this day i have to work really hard on this - gross huh? It'll definitely soften your heart towards people when you go through things like that.

I am the shortest in my family (by about half n inch).

I've never colored my hair.

I hyperventilated at the movies (in Little Rock) my freshman year of college. I was with 4 other girl friends and was (amazingly) not embaressed. I think it was due to stress or something, but i totally thought i was dying. I started balling whenever i called my mother and she told me to find the nearest hospital. It's scary to hear those words from your mother who is a nurse.

I can wear a size 3 shoe in the children's section at Payless.

I don't wear base.

I like flamin' hot fries dipped in cookies 'n cream ice cream. Another good combination is Wendy's french fries dipped in their chocolate frosty.

I get a haircut once a year.

I think i'm afraid of relationships.

I've only had one "real" job - a server at Golden Corral my Junior and Senior year of high school. Other than that i've only babysat.

I was in the top 10% of my High School graduating class. (32 out of 356)

Even though my mother worked at the hospital in town I was born in Louisiana. (something about her not trusting the place)

I do not have a TV (or Radio/CD Player) in my bedroom.

There are 58 pairs of shoes in my closet. (umm and i got rid of a ton last year... this is sad)

I need/like acceptance.

I cry alot. (it annoys my dad) Mom said i cried for months when i started elmentary school - she always made my brother drag me out of the car each morning. I even cried before starting Junior High. Maybe this is why she always says that i dont like new places or changes.

I like off brands - whether it be clothing, food, shampoo, etc.

I'm not a breakfast eater. But i always loved when my parents made breakfast for supper.

I have never tried seafood.

I really really like details. (lots of details... as in you can never give me too much information)

Anxiety is my middle name. (bet you're shocked, huh?) When i check the dead bolt at night i'm always tempted to check it twice and even push the door real hard to make sure that it's shut. And even when i know that my cell phone is on silent i get really anxious and have to check again.... sometimes twice. I'm getting better with things like that though.

The first time i cooked was at the age of 18.

I got in a canoe accident (i know - sounds retarted) 3 months after i'd had shoulder surgery. The water was 32 degrees. It was really scary at the time, but extremely funny to think back on.

I made a 4 on my AP Calculus test. (out of a possible 5)

I've never broken a bone.

My birthday is on a Mexican Holiday.

I always hold my breath while walking past cigarette smoke... and even exhale a few times once i start breathing again. My friends always make fun of me.

I like lemon in my water and sweet tea. (I even bought some when i was at W*lm*rt the other day)

My favorite color is black. I also like brown. (is that weird?)

I will graduate college in 4 months at the age of 21. (I turn 22 three days after graduation)

John 13:7 is one of my favorite verses. (it was one of the first times that i felt God speaking directly to me in the midst of my situation - i was sitting on my bed in my room all alone one night 4 1/2 years ago.)

I love sleeping while it's raining.

My mother has the best french toast. I won't eat it anywhere else.

I never failed a class in High School.

I don't like chocolate unless it has peanuts, walnuts, or something in it.

When I am stressed out i pop pimples. (that's probably TMI, but hey... it's true.)

My brother and I are 15 months apart.

Spiders and Snakes scare me.

Growing up i believed that you got pregnant by kissing. I freaked out when i saw the college students (that my parents used to teach) kissing in my front yard. For goodness sake they weren't married yet.

I'm not a morning person. My parents have learned not to speak to me for atleast an hour after i wake up. (terrible huh?)

I've never had a debit card.

I prefer to use cash. I don't like checks.

I was so shy growing up that you could say my name and my face would turn bright red and tears would form in my eyes.

Upon my request, my mother walked me to my 1st period class in 7th grade. (i'm so weird)

I love to fold clothes. (i'm not a hanger person) Laundry is probably one of my favorite chores.

Rocking is a must for me. I've rocked my whole life whether sitting or standing. If you watch our home videos you can see me sitting on the floor less than a year old rocking back n forth.

I cannot wait to have children of my own.... but am really afraid of dating - i don't know what my deal is.

I've never seen a bill in my life. (as in 'making a payment' bill, not a person named Bill)

I was afraid to tell my mother when i started my period.

Simba (my dog) got ran over on my birthday. I remember exactly where i was whenever i found out.

I love pregnant clothes.

I enjoy touring peoples homes.

I've sang at one funeral, one wedding, Carnegie Hall, Prom, and just about every kind of high school sporting event you can think of.

I tried out for cheerleader on my birthday and did not make it.

I have never moved. (except for whenever i moved out for college, but that so doesn't count)

I made a 14 on the reading/english section of either the ACT or SAT. (i was so shocked.) And a 27 on both the math and science. Talk about a drastic difference.

I have an extremely good memory. (which isn't always a good thing)

My favorite fruit is PineApple.

In 6th grade i got first place in the 400 meter race at Field Day. I remember my dad trained me for the big race (haha) and i actually took his advice and it worked. It's a cool story. Ask and I will tell. (Makes me think about my Heavenly Father and how much i should heed His advice. He does know what He's talking about even when i'm in last place coming around the curve.)

I don't like to use Q-Tips when cleaning out my ears. I prefer a bobby pin instead.

I made 1st chair in All-Region my Senior year of high school. (And 13th at All-State, but they only took the top 12... sad day)

I like to take hot baths (especially when i'm cold or sad) - you can actually see the steam coming off the water in the tub.

My favorite soft drink is DrPepper.

In the past 2 years i have read about 20 books. Before that time i'd never read a book completely through.

My first kiss was in 4th grade while playing truth or dare. (the boy's gay now) I didn't kiss again until 8th grade when i got my first "boyfriend". DUMB!

I love bible study. It really excites me to hear people share personal stories, or something they got from studying God's word. I cannot express to you how much i really enjoy this.

I sucked my thumb up until either 2nd grade or 4th grade.

I made the Dean's List with Honors this past semester. A 3.8 - the highest i've ever had. And i totally wasn't expecting it.

I shake my feet (and/or legs) a lot. And let me just say Anti-Depressant medication only makes it worse. Talk about looking like a spastic freak.

I don't talk much while riding in the car.

I've ridden 6 hours without ever turning the radio on.

I'm a really bad people watcher. (i got lost at Disney World when i was about 6 or 7 because i was "people watching" [it sounds better than staring]. Mom even told me to stop and i got distracted again and turned around to find out they were gone. We have a picture from when they found me - it is not a nice picture. They laugh... i do not.)

When i get sleepy i like to rub my feet against the bed or whatever else i'm sitting/laying on.

I think my spiritual gift may be teaching and even a little discernment. (i've always ran from the idea of being a teacher.) I have been praying about this... we'll see.

I have never studied for more than an hour for a test.

I admited something to my parents that most children would never admit. I'm really really really weird about honesty. I need to have it. I can't handle secrets.

I do not know how to work a lighter.

I pulled my coach aside and quit cheerleading in the Spring of my Junior year on my birthday.

I've had a pet hampster, bunny, and dog.

I can only handle so much sweet. (as in food)

I do not like eggs... in any way, shape, form, or fashion. The rest of my family does.

Someone egged my car my sophomore year at OBU. I have a permanent scar on the back left corner of my SUV.

Funyuns are yummy.

I was in 9th grade whenever 9/11 happened. (sitting in the choir room)

I use the restroom atleast 3 times in the middle of the night.

I am saved! (Despite how weird, sinful, and random i am.) And for that i am thankful!

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