Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can we talk?

.... out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks. Matthew 12:34

Yes! I'm still dwelling on week one of this Bible Study. This verse just really really sticks out to me. I've been thinking about it for a few days and observing my life.

What am I putting in? What am I filling myself with?

Whatever you put in will eventually come out.... music, tv, movies, conversations, jokes, pictures, books, etc.

I really try to filter everything that i'm involved with so that i'm not tempted in any way. I don't need any of these things in my life and honestly don't even desire them. I've gotten by just fine without them. So what if my answer to all of these previous questions are no, i'm not watching bad movies/television... No, i don't listen to bad music. No, i'm not very funny so i don't crack dirty jokes. I'm not looking at obscene pictures. What if i'm not doing any of those things? (i'm not saying i'm perfect... please know that.)

If i'm not putting any of these evil things in then shouldn't good things be pouring out of me?

Not neccesarily. Doing nothing is just as bad.

I can filter all of the dirty things out of my life and still have no fruit if i'm not FILLING myself with the alternative.

How much free time do I have? And what am i doing with it?

If i'm ridding myself of all things that will not benefit me then i have SOOOO much free time to do other things. Like pour over His word, dwell on it, study it, FILL myself with it. Love on my family. Get involved in relationships with other people. There are so many things i could be doing with this extra time.

I started thinking about how much time i spend on the computer. Yeah - i don't visit horrible sites or anything like that, but is my computer time really bringing any fruit in my life? I don't think it is. Actually, i know it isn't.

The time i spend on here i could have spent doing my homework so that when my family got home we could spend the rest of the evening together. Or i could get all the household chores done so that the rest of the family has time to relax and visit... or i could spend my babysitting time loving the kids instead of sending them to their rooms to play alone because i have things to do. Or if i'm done with all of these things and still have time i could read His word, really read His word. Even call a friend in need.

I don't think we realize how much time we have. And what you choose to do with that time will effect you and FILL you.

I don't know if this is making any sense... i guess what i'm trying to say is you can be avoiding all of the negative/evil things in life and still not have good (beneficial) things pouring out of your heart. You have to really make an effort to FILL yourself with His things. It's not enough to just rid the bad - you have to reinforce the good in it's place. (And it's not enough to just read a passage in the morning just to say that you've spent time with Him. You must really hide it in your heart.)

If this verse wasn't enough to get my attention day 2 of the following week was there to hit me in the face again. Re-organizing our priorities. What am i putting before Him? Am i spending more time doing something else when i could be reading His word? When i could be hanging out with Him?

The answer to all of these questions are yes. I need to readjust. And i'm trying. I think i need to camp out right here for a while!!!

And i'm sorry that i'm not a writer and can't explain myself well.... hopefully my thoughts are easy enough for you to understand.

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Christina said...

You did grest at axplaining yourself. I think you must have started this process a while back when you mentioned on your blog that you deleted your facebook because it produced no fruit. Although not inheritly evil, you came to the conclusion that it was not the best use of your time either. You prompted me to look at my myspace account...which is now happily deleted.
Wisdom is contageous!