Saturday, January 17, 2009


Today was Jordan and Casie's 2 year anniversary!

Jordan goes to school in Lubbock - it's not possible to make a quick trip home. These kinds of things have to be well thought out and planned.

He called Casie today to tell her "Happy Anniversary" and was acting all weird (i believe those were the words she used). She came downstairs with this weird look saying, "soooo i think Jordan is here...." Then she told me all the crazy things he was saying on the phone.

He told her to pick a restaurant that she wanted to eat at, but the same restaurant had to be in Lubbock. His thinking was 'since they couldn't be together on their anniversary they could go eat at the same place and it would be like they were together on a date'. So she pretended to follow along with his whacky plan and picked El Chicos. He told her they would go at the same time and just talk on the phone. So then he asked her to be ready at 5:30.

Then.... you guessed it.... he came over here with roses - 2 for the number of years they've been together and the 3rd for hope for the future!

They're so cute!!!! (He surprised his mom too - she had no idea!)

And i appearently never got out of my pajamas today.


Christina said...

Oh that is so cute! Ahhh, young love. Tell them I said congrats!
P.S. I did not get out of my pjs all day friday! Feels good doesn't it!

Karen Bickerdike said...

that is soo sweet.